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How Your Customers Should Prepare Growing Containers for Winter

Posted on: November 23rd, 2020

The pandemic of 2020 introduced an entirely new generation to the art of gardening. With limited knowledge at their disposal, they’ve relied on the internet as a definitive resource to grow plants, vegetables and everything in between. As the growing season concludes, the next big question – especially for those with containers gardens – is…

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Will First-Time Gardeners Return to the Soil in Spring 2021?

Posted on: October 29th, 2020

There’s no denying that the propensity towards gardening has certainly changed since the pandemic began back in March of 2020. But the real question on everyone’s mind is how many first-time gardeners will return in 2021? According to Katie Dubow, president of the award-winning lawn and garden public relations agency Garden Media Group, she anticipates 80…

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Labor Issues in Horticulture Are Being Challenged by Seed Your Future

Posted on: October 27th, 2020

It’s no secret that the horticultural industry has struggled with labor issues both in terms of cost (minimum wage increases) and availability (immigration reform; lack of skilled workers). To provide some perspective on the severity of the situation, we reference a recent study conducted by the American Society for Horticulture Science. What they discovered is…

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Ornamental Hedges Provide Beauty and Shelter for Wildlife

Posted on: October 7th, 2020

Nursery growers plant a wide variety of trees and shrubs throughout their growing operations. Ornamental hedges are one popular plant cultivated throughout North American – sought after by residential and commercial customers to help soften hardscapes. While ornamental hedges are often regarded as nothing more than a decorative element in your overall landscape design, their…

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Home Gardeners are Motivated But Still Need Guidance from Experts

Posted on: September 23rd, 2020

Few industries have not been impacted by the Covid19 pandemic of 2020 in one way or another. For the horticultural industry, we’ve seen a resurgence of home gardeners. With many still fairly isolated to their homes for work and even schooling, families are heading out for a reprieve to enjoy the natural world right outside their back…

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Sustainable Gardening is About Making Responsible Choices

Posted on: September 18th, 2020

The word “sustainable” is one of those buzz words currently being attached to everything from clothing, to energy, to coffee, and yes, even gardening. So what does sustainable gardening really mean? According to Chris McLaughlin of Fine Gardening, “Sustainable gardening is a term that has no technical definition. It’s the concept of using gardening practices…

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Interest in Sustainability Increases Among Consumers During Pandemic

Posted on: September 18th, 2020

Few industries have not experienced an impact from Covid19 in one way or another. For the horticultural industry, we’ve seen a resurgence of the home gardener and an interest in sustainability. With many still fairly isolated to their homes, families are heading out to enjoy the natural world right outside their back door. In turn, they’re using…

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Greenhouse Supplies After You Know What You Want to Grow

Posted on: September 4th, 2020

Greenhouse gardening is an incredibly popular technique – especially for those living in colder climates. But it’s more than just getting a shiny new structure installed. You’ll need greenhouse supplies before you can even begin to think about cultivation. Benefits of Greenhouse Growing There are many benefits to growing crops in greenhouses, including: A consistent,…

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Cannabis Trellising is a Popular Way to Increase Yield

Posted on: August 28th, 2020

Cannabis trellising is becoming a popular new alternative to traditional growing in containers, yet many growers are still unsure of its application. Cannabis trellising uses framed screens or netting which typically has a latticed pattern evenly spaced throughout. The main benefit of using trellising is to maximize your available growing area, using every square inch…

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Black Plastic Nursery Pots – Size Makes a Difference

Posted on: August 24th, 2020

Containers are the backbone of nursery growers. A black plastic nursery pot may seem ordinary and rudimentary in its design, but it provides a place where plants are propagated, grown and ultimately supplied for gardens, forestry, conservation biology and agriculture. Nurseries often grow small trees, shrubs and other herbaceous plants in containerfields. There, hundreds if…

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