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Container Solutions for Today’s Diverse Growers

Designed with your unique growing needs

HC is a proud culmination of many legacy container brands. It continues to transform the horticultural industry through bold leadership, innovative manufacturing, and a comprehensive portfolio of plant container choices ideal for greenhouse, nursery, retail, sustainable, and cannabis growers.

Industries need to evolve with the societal and environmental demands of today’s more diversified customers or risk losing their market relevance. That is why it has never been more important for the manufacturers of horticultural containers to provide growers with plant container choices and alternatives that are purposeful, on-trend, and mindful of our planet. The HC Companies is doing just that.

Here at HC, we utilize the latest technologies to manufacture our plant containers and accessories using blow mold, thermoform, injection, co-ex, and vacuum formed production methods. We also offer sustainable fiber and bioplastic solutions produced with post-consumer and post-industrial materials in various sizes and product offerings.

Our greenhouse plant containers are available in both round and square configurations, decorative containers, hanging baskets, support systems for plants with twining vines, as well as trays, flats, and sheets.

Our round nursery plant containers are available in one-gallon pots up to 65 gallons. In addition, they are available in numerous volumes with differing drainage capabilities, and many are compatible with automated handling equipment.

Our full line of retail plant containers are designed with the consumer in mind. Drawing upon the latest design trends and popular colorations, we help retailers and big-box stores offer relevant plant containers for today’s more sophisticated consumers.

Our sustainable plant containers are available in both round and square configurations, hanging baskets, as well as paks and strips. Sustainable plant containers help differentiate your products in a crowded market.

Finally, our cannabis plant containers are available in both start and finish sizes. They are designed to help support a healthy root system necessary for proper nutrition, aeration, water intake, and drainage.

Here at HC, we provide growers with more choices for their plant containers – guaranteeing you will find the ideal container solution to satisfy your unique growing needs. Through your continued patronage, support, and camaraderie, from grower to gardener to consumer and more, we’re improving our world together.

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“Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.”

– Liberty Hyde Bailey, American horticulturist who co-founded the American Society for Horticultural Science