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Wholesale Plant Containers, Planters, and Plant Pots

At HC, we provide growers with choices which is why our comprehensive portfolio of plant containers and flower pots guarantees you’ll find the exact container you’re looking for all in one convenient location. HC utilizes the latest technologies to create our full line of growing containers, flats, and trays whether it’s blow mold, thermoform, injection, co-ex, vacuum formed, or our sustainable fiber solutions. We proudly support professional greenhouse and nursery growers, distributors, retail garden centers, and mass merchandisers throughout North America.

We are dedicated to creating the highest quality plant containers and planters. We grow together and thrive by:

  • Continuing to innovate and lead the industry with fresh ideas
  • Investing in new equipment to stay ahead of the curve
  • Building relationships with the customers we serve
  • Helping make growing easier, from consumers to industrial growing operations
  • Listening and understanding your specific pain points
  • Finding new possibilities and inspiration in every challenge
  • Providing education for consumers and resources for professionals

Whether you’re a full-scale greenhouse operation, a family-owned nursery or garden center, a gardener exploring the depths of their green thumb, or anywhere in between, we have the right container solutions to meet your needs and help your business thrive. We are The HC Companies – the leader in horticultural containers.

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“Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.”

– Liberty Hyde Bailey, American horticulturist who co-founded the American Society for Horticultural Science