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New Product! - The Low-Profile Tray

The Evolution of the Traditional Growing Tray

HC introduces the Low-Profile Tray – an entirely new class of sustainable horticultural trays. The revolutionary tray comes pre-assembled to save labor and the minimal design is ergonomic which speeds productivity and handling in the greenhouse while hitting sustainability targets with less material, recycled content and is made from Polypropylene which is widely accepted in municipal recycling programs.

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Helping Growers Thrive

Planters and pots for overall growing success

Whether you’re a commercial greenhouse, nursery, or even a cannabis grower, planters and pots are vital for your thriving business. They provide the basis for your prosperity. They are the vessels in which dark, rich soils are housed, and thousands of seeds are nurtured and fortified by nutrients, water, and light.

The trusty and often forgotten planters and pots make it possible for garden centers to flourish thanks to growers’ successful cultivation of healthy annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs they tirelessly strive to bring to market.

Amateur gardeners often wonder why commercial growers don’t simply plant their crops directly into the ground rather than relying on containers by the thousands.

While there are some excellent reasons to plant directly into the soil, planters and pots provide unparalleled advantages from a commercial standpoint.

They allow the grower the ability to quickly move plants around based on environmental conditions, insects and diseases, and varying nutrition, fertilization, and drainage needs.

More complex than one might first assume, subtle differences in design and manufacturing such as drainage holes and side-wall construction influence how plants thrive and their eventual yield in the commercial market.

Here at The HC Companies, we manufacture a diverse line of planters and pots for the greenhouse, nursery, and cannabis markets. Each container is designed for the unique growing needs and challenges of that particular market, allowing us to deliver a container that helps increase efficiency while decreasing overall costs.

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HC is a proud member of AmericanHort. Their vision is to "Lead and unify the horticulture industry to cultivate successful businesses and help enhance lives through the benefits of plants."

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