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Our Story

HC's Place in the Horticultural Industry

Our Mission

 From grower to gardener, improving our world. 

Who We Are

The HC Companies is the first-choice provider for wholesale horticultural pots and planters, servicing greenhouse, nursery and cannabis growers, as well as retailers, throughout North America with facilities in Ohio, Florida and Nevada (resin containers), as well as Canada (fiber containers).

Meet Our Leadership Team

Leading the Way

Here at HC, we proudly support professional growers, distributors, retail garden centers, and mass merchandisers with locations throughout North American for quick and easy delivery where your business does business. HC is a culmination of many storied brands in the industry including Dillen®, ITML®, Kord™, Amerikan®, and Listo® – all helping to create the innovative company we are today. HC utilizes the latest technologies to create our full line of growing containers whether it’s blow mold, thermoform, injection, co-ex, or vacuum formed. Additionally, our sustainable fiber containers are created in a closed-loop water recycling system to eliminate waste and help preserve the environment.

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We continue to support the professional grower, grower-distributor, retail garden center and mass merchandiser with superior products manufactured with traditional resins and sustainable fibers to secure our relevance in an ever-changing business environment.

As the industry continues to change due to increased labor costs and staffing issues, as well as weather, disease, regulatory changes and even a more sophisticated customer base, customers deserve a partner who understands their pain points. This industry means as much to them as it does to us, and we’re always on the quest to learn more and do more in order to help the industry flourish.

Our Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Everyone at HC understands that plants only thrive because of the commitment and dedication continuously provided by growers. That is why HC expends so much time and energy into the creation of our growing containers – providing a comprehensive portfolio of products which best align with the unique needs and circumstances of growers.

  • Round and Square Containers (many automation friendly)
  • Decorative Containers
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Trays, Flats and Sheets
  • Support Systems
  • Fiber Containers, Hanging Baskets, Paks and Strips (all made with recycled newsprint)

Looking to connect with our team or find a local distributor in your area? Check out the helpful links below:

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Certifications & Associations

We believe in the quality and ingenuity of our products and look for opportunities to support our industry with information and inspiration to help us all grow together.

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Charitable Giving

The HC Companies is a proud supporter of the Two Foundation. The Two Foundation exists to provide full integration into the local workforce for individuals with exceptionalities. They bridge the gap between individuals and local business partners. They prepare, place, and support job seekers and do all they can to ensure long-term success. Learn how you can get involved today!

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