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Here at HC, we’re proud to offer a complete line of sustainable planting containers manufactured with responsible growers and gardeners in mind. Sustainable planting containers help differentiate your business in a crowded market instead of being branded as just another commodity. You’ll attract passionate and motivated individuals to your business while helping to retain others with a focus on well-being and environmental impact. Best of all, you’ll combat the global challenges your business will face in the future while increasing your social trust and overall reputation with your greatest stakeholder – your customers.

Our Sustainability Commitment

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*Rate of biodegradation may vary due to thickness and environmental conditions NOTE: Recycling acceptance is subject to local municipality/commercial acceptance requirements and remaining soil residue present upon disposal. Please check with your local municipality for more details.

EcoGrow® Fiber Planters

EcoGrow fiber planting containers breathe like clay pots, provide an optimal environment for root systems, break down quickly when planted or worked into the soil, and are suitable for organic farming. In addition, they are certified by the USDA Biopreferred® program as being manufactured of 100% Biobased Content and by FSC® as 100% Recycled Certified. EcoGrow fiber planting containers are produced in Canada’s closed-loop water recycling facility using recycled newsprint and corrugated fibers.


FiberGrow® Fiber Planters

FiberGrow fiber planting containers are designed with strength and durability in mind. They are molded using a slurry of fibers and binding agents to increase their strength and reliability in such applications as planters, hanging baskets, and other large containers with continually moist soil. In addition, a wax coating is available to reduce water penetration on the container’s interior, increasing its longevity. Like our EcoGrow line, FiberGrow fiber planting containers are produced in Canada’s closed-loop water recycling facility using recycled newsprint and corrugated fibers.


BioPaxT™ planting containers are an engineering marvel. They’re made from sustainably sourced wood pulp – promoting less waste while offering an optimized end-of-life without compromising strength and performance. BioPax containers are designed for reuse. Responsible disposal will break down over time with NO microplastics left behind, non-GMO and non-toxic, contains no harmful PFAS or heavy metals, and work with automated equipment. They’re also certified by the USDA Biopreferred® program.

With so many greenhouse planting containers to choose from in many shapes and sizes, HC’s your first-choice provider for horticultural greenhouse planting containers.

HC’s greenhouse planting containers are sold throughout North America, utilizing a vast network of horticultural distributors committed to the industry. They not only understand the unique challenges and scheduling limitations growers typically experience but are continually searching for applicable and timely solutions to enable your operation to run smoothly and efficiently.

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Our full line of fiber growing containers allow moisture to move freely throughout the walls of the container for optimal drainage and healthy root systems. Much like clay pots, our fiber growing containers ensure the entire plant can breathe – maintaining necessary oxygen levels while limiting root rot caused by over-watering. Additionally, our fiber growing containers allow the root system to experience what is known as air pruning. When roots are exposed to air (combined with the absence of high humidity levels) roots are essentially “burned off”, which safely and naturally causes the plant to continuously produce healthy, abundant roots for a much healthier plant. 

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Our fiber growing containers are manufactured in a closed-loop water recycling facility in Canada in order to eliminate wastewater discharge for greater environmental efficiencies.

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