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Our Philosophy

Here at The HC Companies, we believe sustainability is essential to ensure that our customers and our business improve the world as collective stewards of the earth, its citizens, and the products we develop and promote. In addition, designing more environmentally conscious products and making them accessible and affordable to more people benefits our shared economy by normalizing those products and creating demand in the market.

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What is BioPax?

Made from sustainably-sourced wood pulp, BioPax™ growing containers are USDA BioPreferred® Certified and promote less waste while offering an optimized end-of-life without compromising on strength and performance.

  • Designed for reuse and responsible disposal
  • Will break down over time with NO microplastics left behind
  • Non-GMO and non-toxic
  • No harmful PFAS nor heavy metals
  • Certified biobased material – not petroleum
  • Great for automation

What is this product made of?

Sustainably-sourced wood pulp, compounded with modifiers and additives. 

Is this product certified?

Sure is! BioPax™ containers are part of the USDA BioPreferred® Program. The USDA Certified Biobased Product label is designed to provide useful information to consumers about the biobased content of the product. The label assures a consumer that the product contains a USDA-verified amount of renewable biological ingredients. 

So, is this plastic?

BioPax™ is a resin code #7 (other) and is considered a bioplastic, which is unlike traditional plastic, as it is not derived from petroleum. 

Wait – what’s a bioplastic?

Appearing like traditional petro-plastics, bioplastics are resin-based and produced from renewable sources, like agricultural byproducts and substances. It’s important to note that not all resins result in traditional petroleum-based plastic. 

What do I do with this pot when I am done?

Strong enough to reuse, BioPax™ plant pots can be disposed of with other waste materials. 

So, you’re saying BioPax™ is biodegradable?

Current ASTM standards (ASTM6400) deem products as “biodegradable” if they break down in less than one year. Due to its wall thickness, the rate of degradation exceeds the one-year threshold, however, current testing/data indicates the product will degrade over an estimated three to five years. The rate could depend on environmental conditions and article shape and thickness; variation of resin/material blends may impact the break down rate as well.

But what happens when I throw away BioPax™ with my other waste?

91% of plastics separated for recycling don’t get recycled due to contamination. This is atop the current reported recycling rate of 8% of all plastics generated.

BioPax™ aims to address current behaviors and breaks down naturally due to consumption by microorganisms. The best part – BioPax™ DOES NOT leave behind any microplastics upon biodegradation.

Biobased containers

Are custom sizes/colors/branding available?

Not at this time, however, for custom requests please contact your HC representative. 

What colors/sizes are offered?

BioPax™ is available in 3.00” and 4.50” rounds and in ECOGREEN. 

How do you get the ECOGREEN color?

Unlike many colorants that are oil-based, our color is derived from a bio-based color concentrate. 

Why does the color appear to be marbled?

As a result of the production process, the color concentrate and wood-based material create a unique swirling effect, ensuring every product is one-of-a-kind. 

Can I get samples?

Sure, please request samples through your sales representative. 

Can I do a trial?

Sure, please coordinate a trial through your HC representative. 

So, is there a price difference vs. my other plastic pots?

Driven by the cost of materials, there is a price difference compared to traditional plastic products. This is consistent with any other plastic alternatives on the market. 

Am I expected to absorb any price difference?

Absolutely not – in fact, over 80% of end consumers expect (and are willing to) pay more for products touted as sustainable. Be sure to use BioPax™ as an opportunity to leverage increased margins.

Biobased containers

Container Specifications

3.00 Inch Round

Product Specs

4.50 Inch Round

Product Specs

BioPax Growing Containers


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