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Cannabis Growing Containers

Container Solutions

Here at HC, we provide container solutions for today’s diverse growers – all with your unique growing needs in mind. We’re proud to offer a complete line of cannabis planting containers for both vertical and outdoor growing operations. HC’s cannabis solutions include round and square containers, trays, inserts, and propagation, as well as sustainable fiber options.

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Your chosen production method often determines your necessary container size.

Indoor Cannabis Growing

A high plant density is best for indoor growing with multiple layers to maximize space and yield. Using a smaller container such as a 2.5-gallon or a tall 1-gallon will allow you to create a uniform canopy. The tall 1-gallon pot can increase the plant density and the number of growing tiers in the existing space by reducing the final crop height.

We recommend using a 2.5 – 4-gallon container (depending on plant density) in a single layer for indoor or greenhouse growing methods. Whichever system you decide on, creating a filled-out canopy during the flowering stage is the best approach.

Outdoor Cannabis Growing

The plant will be in a container longer than those grown in a more controlled environment. We recommend a container of 5-gallons or larger to prevent the roots from becoming root-bound for crops with longer than six weeks of vegetative growth. Each container size has limitations based on the final size of the plant. For example, a small container will not withstand the increased size of the root system at eight weeks of growth. However, that container is perfect for a crop only growing for one to three weeks in the vegetative phase.

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With so many cannabis planting containers to choose from in many shapes and sizes, HC’s your first-choice provider for horticultural cannabis planting containers.

HC’s cannabis planting containers are sold throughout North America, utilizing a vast network of horticultural distributors committed to the industry. They not only understand the unique challenges and scheduling limitations growers typically experience but are continually searching for applicable and timely solutions to enable your operation to run smoothly and efficiently.

Our intuitive online filtering system will allow you to find the distributor that’s right for your growing operation quickly and easily. CLICK HERE 

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Every plant has unique watering needs, and our cannabis planting containers offer a variety of drainage solutions. Whether you require shallow, low-volume watering or thorough, deep root watering, HC has the proper drainage solution for your watering needs. From four drainage levels to flood floor and watermat compatibility and more, HC has designed its planting containers to satisfy the drainage demands of an evolving growing environment.

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Growing Opportunities: The Current State of Cannabis Cultivation Containers

The affordability, durability, and resistance to fungal and bacterial growth have made plastic growing containers a mainstay in cannabis cultivation for decades, and they continue to be the go-to choice for most growers today. The three most common types of black resin containers in use today are blow mold, thermoform, and injection mold containers.

Container Options - Pros & Cons

Thermoform Containers

Thermoform containers provide more strength and durability than their blow mold counterparts and are reusable. Ideal for automation, thermoform containers have smooth sides and strong rims. Available with either side or bottom drainage, thermoform containers offer growers the flexibility to select a drainage system that best fits their operation.

Ideal for:
-Indoor and outdoor growing
-Smaller plants in a greenhouse setting
-Long term growing operations or multiple harvest cycles

Bottom line – Thermoform containers are an excellent choice for growers who need a reusable container that provides both moderate strength and compatibility with automation.

Blow Mold Containers

Blow mold containers are a cost-effective and lightweight solution for growing both indoors and outdoors. Available in a wide range of sizes up to 65 gallons, they provide some strength and durability, however, their utility is limited. Blow mold containers are designed for one-time use only and are not compatible with automation.

Ideal for:
-Indoor Growing
-Outdoor Growing

Bottom line – Though not compatible with automation, blow mold containers are a cost-effective, single-use solution available in sizes up to 65 gallons.

Injection Containers

Injection containers are designed for durability and longevity. Manufactured with thick walls and heavy bottom construction, injection mold containers are reusable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are automation-friendly, ideal for pot-filling and handling systems, and offer options for either side or bottom drainage.

Ideal For:
-Indoor, outdoor and controlled environment cultivation
-Operations that require easy-to-clean and reusable containers

Bottom line – A highly durable, reusable, and automation-friendly growing container.

Fiber Containers

HC’s fiber growing containers are produced in a closed-loop water recycling facility with recycled newsprint and corrugated fibers. They allow moisture to move freely throughout the walls of the container for optimal drainage and healthy root systems by ensuring the entire plant can breathe – maintaining necessary oxygen levels while limiting root rot caused by over-watering.

Best of all, by either removing the bottom of the fiber container or simply allowing the roots to grow through safely and naturally, you can directly plant the entire container into the ground or a larger container without causing shock to the root systems. If your cultivating method is to grow starter plants before planting them into the ground, this option is great to limit your plastic waste and avoid root shock. The container will maintain its integrity long enough to establish a healthy root system.

Bottom line – a sustainable solution that saves time and prevents root shock to the plant.

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