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Proper Drainage Is An Important Part Of A Plant’s Longevity

Regardless of what you’re growing, water and proper drainage are essential components in helping plants thrive throughout their life cycle. Whether in the ground or a plant container, water is required for initial seed germination, as a carrier of nutrients after a plant has sprouted, and to encourage growth as cells only increase in volume when water is present.

Proper drainage holes in plant containers are not just for irrigation practices. Plants require aeration for optimum growth, which helps to keep the soil structure, and ultimately the root system healthy.

Every plant has unique drainage needs which should be addressed appropriately. Whether you’re planting rose bushes or decorative ground cover, seasonal flowers or edible herbs, or even cannabis, few plants can tolerate sitting in stagnant water. The bottom of a plant container sitting in pooling water causes a condition known as root rot and is often fatal to the plant’s survival.

Overall, plant containers with poor drainage will cost you more time and money in the long run as it often leads to improper watering, which can lead to fungal diseases.

Additionally, a weak plant with unhealthy roots often has a short shelf life, which means you’re sending plants to retail that frequently die earlier than a customer expects and demands. You also may find yourself using more pesticides and fertilizers to compensate for the poor drainage of your plant container in an attempt to salvage the plant for suitable resale.

Whether your plant requires shallow, low-volume watering or thorough, deep root watering, The HC Companies has many proper drainage solutions to fit your watering needs in a variety of volumes and configurations.

From four drainage levels to flood floor and watermat compatibility to both high and low hole solutions, HC has designed its plant containers to satisfy the drainage demands of an ever-changing industry.

We encourage you to contact our Sales or Customer Service Department for more information on your proper drainage needs and how our plant containers can help.

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