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Branded Plant and Container Programs

Supporting Popular Branded Plant and Container Programs in the Industry

Building Brand Loyalty

Increase consumer confidence and sell-through at retail by joining some of the top branded plant and container programs in the industry, or let us help create your own custom branded container! Check out our Branded Plant and Container Programs below for 2022!

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Includes First Editions, Endless Summer, Easy Elegance

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Includes NewGen Boxwood

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Includes Encore, Southern Living, Sunset Plants 

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Includes Bloomables, Bushel & Berry, Knock Out, Meet Petite, Drift

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Differentiating Yourself from a Commodity

Brand loyalty often evokes memories and emotions which are directly tied to quality. When a customer trusts a brand, that trust undoubtedly builds loyalty – and when a customer is loyal, they buy more and recommend those products more. Custom branded planters matter at garden centers, big box stores, and retail nurseries across North America by promoting a brand while increasing sales. They are the most impactful marketing differentiator for a business.

Branded plant and container programs can have a colorful design that supports your branding standards and often influences customer purchasing with a perception that these products are far superior to others on the market for an increased value proposition.

According to a report by MarketingLand, some 90% of respondents considered themselves equally or more brand-loyal than they were a few years ago. The predominant reason given was product quality. When asked, “What is the primary reason you are loyal to a brand?” the response given by 55% of respondents was, “I love the product(s)”. Below we share a list of reasons why some customers tend to be brand loyal in their purchasing.

Why Branded Plant and Container Programs Matter
Branded Plant and Container Programs matter at garden centers, big box stores, and retail nurseries across North America. They help promote a grower’s product while dramatically increasing sales.

Branded Plant and Container Programs…

  • Provide peace of mind, especially when paired with consistent results and a positive experience – allowing consumers to conclude the brand is trustworthy.
  • Save time when consumers are making a purchasing decision by reducing the clutter and helping them find what they’re looking for in a crowded field.
  • Offer safety by eliminating a consumer’s chances of being disappointed in the long run.
  • Afford an opportunity to provide education and information directly on the container – solidifying the brand’s stance as an industry expert.
  • Encourage consumers to share their experiences by allowing consumers to become brand advocates based on a consistent, positive brand experience.

Simply put, they are the single most impactful marketing differentiator for your business. Read our blog post here!

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