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Low-Profile Tray

The Evolution of the Traditional Growing Tray

New Product!

The pre-assembled Low-Profile Tray improves efficiency and the minimalistic, ergonomic design speeds productivity and handling in the greenhouse while hitting sustainability targets with less material. The Low-Profile Tray is manufactured with recycled materials and is made from Polypropylene, which is widely accepted in municipal recycling programs. This new tray’s design allows soil to easily fall through, and no soil gets trapped below the tray saving thousands in material costs. To accentuate the environmental impact of this product, the reduced waste of soil, energy and manpower used in the automation process can help save your business time and money.


Revolutionizing the Growing Industry

Introducing an entirely new class of sustainable horticultural trays – the Low-Profile Tray. As leaders in the horticultural industry, The HC Companies continually invests in new manufacturing technologies and product innovation with the professional grower, independent garden centers, retailers, and the evolving demands of the consumer market in mind. The HC Companies is revolutionizing how growers and gardeners will provide a sustainable, efficient, and convenient alternative to current processes.

The HC Companies is actively working to solve key problems as prioritized by growers. Surveys and interviews with greenhouse growers nationwide have helped our innovation team identify the most critical problems to solve:

  •   Save labor time in assembly and tagging
  •   Reduce material loss in soil filling process
  •   Minimize downtime in automation
  •   Improve handling efficiency

By improving all around productivity, greenhouse growers can minimize waste and maximize output. The Low-Profile Tray is ergonomically designed for secure handling from any approach, while allowing up to four trays to be carried per person, encouraging more efficient handling at every stage of the growing process: from cart to floor, from shipping to retail. Pots are secured to the tray with quick-release clips, reducing the likelihood of plant damage during handling and transport.

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