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Branded Containers

Supporting branded programs or your own!

Build Brand Loyalty

Increase consumer confidence and sell-through by joining some of the top branded plant programs in the industry – or create your own! Check out our Branded Container Programs for 2021 (below)!

  • Baileys – First Editions, Endless Summer, Easy Elegance (download)
  • PDSI – Encore, Southern Living, Sunset Plants (download)
  • Star Roses – Knock Out, Drift, Meet Petite, Bloomables, Bushel & Berry (download)
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Differentiating Yourself from a Commodity

For nursery growers throughout North America, branding is often an afterthought. Daily challenges surrounding labor, regulations, pests and diseases, as well as the environment, are heavy and unpredictable burdens placed on the shoulders of growers both large and small, which doesn’t leave a great deal of time to devote to creating or leveraging one’s brand. states that “Branding helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services.” But if the trees, ornamental shrubs, and plants nurseries cultivate for both commercial and residential consumption are predictably offered in black, plastic containers – just as every other nursery grower you’re competing with – you’ve done little to distinguish yourself in the market or to establish, and more importantly, to support your brand.

  • Colorful packaging design influences customer purchasing
  • Creates a perceived value over the competition
  • An opportunity to provide invaluable information directly onto the container
  • Expands and supports the reach of your brand
  • Custom design services available
  • Four-color printing capability done in-house at HC
  • Minimums required based on individual products (see parameters below)
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Custom Container Branding/Colors 

Custom Container Printing


Custom Bundles

Approved usage of brand registrations and/or trademarks

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Branded Containers

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