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Automated Equipment for Growers Requires the Correct Container

Posted on: July 26th, 2022

Securing and retaining qualified laborers is a struggle for North American organizations. As a result, today’s growers are pivoting towards automated equipment as a viable, scalable, and cost-effective solution to combat those current labor struggles. While purchasing automated equipment presents challenges, it’s important to remember that not all growing containers work with automated equipment. The HC…

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Marketing Your Garden Center and Nursery Using 4 Easy Tips

Posted on: January 10th, 2022

Marketing your garden center or nursery is an ongoing effort that requires commitment and a little know-how to succeed. As the pandemic, which began in late 2019, continues to change consumer behaviors regarding purchasing, it has never been more important to guarantee your garden center can target and reach customers where they’re now searching. If…

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5-Gallon Planters, Pots, and Plant Containers Popular With Nursery Growers

Posted on: January 7th, 2022

5-gallon planters, pots, and plant containers are popular among nursery and cannabis growers for their incredible versatility and ideal sizing. There’s always a debate among growers about what type of growing container is the ideal choice for nursery and cannabis growers. However, despite a large variety of growing container options available, growing success is often…

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Choosing The Right Cannabis Container for Your Growing Operation

Posted on: September 15th, 2021

Though studies has revealed that Primo Vibes delta 8 gummies can assure both mental and physical wellness.Well, most of the people choose cannabis.Choosing the right cannabis container is often dependent upon your chosen method of growing and whether you choose to grow vertically or outdoors. For vertical growing with multiple layers, a high plant density…

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Severe Drought is a Reality Nursery Growers Must Face

Posted on: June 28th, 2021

The first day of summer is just over a week old as of this posting, yet many people from across the country are already beginning to question the real possibility of a severe drought in their region due to extreme temperatures early in the season. According to NASA’s website, half of the United States is…

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Custom Branded Containers – The Growing Differentiator You Need

Posted on: February 25th, 2021

For nursery growers throughout North America, custom branded containers are often an afterthought. Daily challenges surrounding labor, regulations, pests, and diseases, as well as the environment, are heavy and unpredictable burdens placed on the shoulders of growers both large and small, which doesn’t leave a great deal of time to devote to creating or leveraging one’s brand. states that…

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Automation Compatible Containers are Critical for Operational Success

Posted on: January 26th, 2021

Automation equipment is becoming a popular choice for growers struggling with labor shortages. But it’s important to remember that not all growing containers are created equal. If you’re not using automation compatible containers with your new state-of-the-art equipment, you run the risk of internal damage which may not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. What…

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Ornamental Hedges Provide Beauty and Shelter for Wildlife

Posted on: October 7th, 2020

Nursery growers plant a wide variety of trees and shrubs throughout their growing operations. Ornamental hedges are one popular plant cultivated throughout North American – sought after by residential and commercial customers to help soften hardscapes. While ornamental hedges are often regarded as nothing more than a decorative element in your overall landscape design, their…

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Black Plastic Nursery Pots – Size Makes a Difference

Posted on: August 24th, 2020

Containers are the backbone of nursery growers. A black plastic nursery pot may seem ordinary and rudimentary in its design, but it provides a place where plants are propagated, grown and ultimately supplied for gardens, forestry, conservation biology and agriculture. Nurseries often grow small trees, shrubs and other herbaceous plants in containerfields. There, hundreds if…

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Several Factors Influence Monrovia’s Choice of Plastic Growing Containers

Posted on: July 30th, 2020

This article appears in the August 2020 edition of Nursery Management magazine. Monrovia uses plastic growing containers from The HC Companies for general ornamental crops, anything from perennials to conifers, trees to roses. Ron Kinney, production resource planning manager with Monrovia in Oregon, says there are several factors that determine whether a container would meet…

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