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The First Day of Spring Sees Colder Temperatures


This year, the first day of spring is on Sunday, March 20, 2022.

It signals the arrival of a new growing season when plants and trees awaken from dormancy with a subtle burst of bright green color, which ignites and inspires one’s soul.

But just because the first day of spring arrives on our calendars doesn’t mean Mother Nature is prepared to beckon the mild temperatures and long days of sunshine.

Our friends over at the Farmer’s Almanac have gathered their predictions for spring 2022 throughout North America.

For most of the country, the Almanac is predicting that temperatures will be slow to warm. In fact, around the time of the spring equinox on the 20th, temperatures across much of the country will be unseasonably cold.

As the season progresses, the northern tier states will be close to normal temperatures, while the southern tier states will be cooler than normal. The southwest, however, will see warm to hot temperatures.

And what about the April showers spring is known for? Over the Rockies and Plains, there will be a significant storm close to the end of the month with snow, wind, rain, and possibly a tornado thrown into the mix.

As for hurricanes, the season runs from June 1 through November 30, with peak activity early in September.

In terms of our Canadian friends up north, spring looks to be filled with slush, mud, and the possibility of a snowstorm or two.

Like the United States, Canada will be slow to warm with a late-season snowstorm towards the latter half of April. Overall, much of the area will see near-normal temperatures, with the exception of the northern regions, which will be slightly warmer.

Quebec and the Maritimes will see drier conditions, while Ontario (especially around the Great Lakes area) will be considerably wetter.

While the first day of spring may not be the warm, pleasant day we’re all craving, the arrival certainly signifies the start of the gardening season for 2022. Happy planting!

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