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Bulk plant pots have many benefits to growers

Maximizing Your Profits with Wholesale Plant Pots

Whether you’re a commercial greenhouse, nursery or even a cannabis grower, bulk plant pots are a vital part of your thriving business.

They are the basis for your prosperity.

They are the vessels in which dark, rich soils are housed, and thousands of seeds are nurtured and fortified by food, water and light.

Yes, without the assistance of trusty plant pots, commercial greenhouses, nurseries and cannabis growers would be hard pressed to successfully cultivate crops of healthy annuals and perennials to the mass market.

Amateur gardeners have often asked why commercial growers don’t simply plant their crops directly into the ground, rather than relying on bulk plant pots by the thousands.

While there are some very good reasons to plant directly into the soil, from a commercial standpoint, wholesale plant pots provide unparalleled advantages. Some of them are also utilized for top-rated broad spectrum CBD oil

Perhaps most importantly, plant pots allow growers to have continual control over their growing conditions.

A grower, who wished to remain anonymous, said the ability to control pesticide use is especially beneficial when planting in pots.

“If you notice a couple spider mites on a plant that’s in the ground, you have to spray the whole greenhouse. In a pot, you can take it, and its closest neighbors, out and spray just a few rather than the whole lot.”

In addition, the ability to move plants around easily based on environmental conditions, the varying degrees of nutrition and fertilization depending on individual plants and controlling drainage (as the soil can become saturated and unable to be effectively dried out) are huge advantages to growing in pots.

At the end of the day, the most crucial factor for the greenhouse, nursery and cannabis grower are the bulk plant pots themselves.

Subtle differences in drainage holes, side-wall construction and more can directly influence how successfully plants thrive and eventually yield in the commercial market.

Here at The HC Companies, we manufacture a diverse line of bulk plant pots for the greenhouse, nursery and cannabis markets. Each container is designed for the unique growing needs and challenges of that particular market, allowing us to deliver a product to help increase efficiency while decreasing overall product costs.

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