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There’s an art to properly cultivating cannabis in order to yield the highest
quality and the healthiest plants – and oftentimes it’s all about the right container.

An Art to Growing

As with any other crop under the watchful eyes of professional growers, there’s an art to properly cultivating cannabis in order to yield the highest quality and the healthiest plants.

From sunlight and warmth, to water, humidity and nutrients – understanding the delicate balance needed for cultivation is what sets experienced cannabis growers apart from the amateurs.

The most important thing to remember is that cannabis plants will never thrive without a safe, healthy root system. That means choosing the right container is critical.

Container is Key

Many times, growers new to the industry will turn to containers that are readily available and often utilized for other growing techniques. But while the selection might seem endless, not all available containers on the market are suited for the unique growing circumstances of cannabis.

  • Clay pots are too labor intensive to move and have poor drainage.
  • Fabric pots provide little support and often dry out too quickly.
  • Air pots require more maintenance and tend to be expensive.

Which is why many growers turn to traditional plastic containers or fiber containers, which are economical and allow root systems to thrive with optimal access to water, oxygen and nutrients.

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Fiber Solutions

The HC Companies has two eco-friendly solutions designed with cannabis growers in mind.

EcoGrow® products are molded using recycled newspaper and have been Certified for Organic Farming and Gardening in both the United States and Canada according to NOP Regulation.

FiberGrow® products are molded using a slurry of fibers and binding agents in order to increase their strength and durability in such applications as planters, hanging baskets and other large containers.

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Introducing the Rapid Stack™ Container!

Rapid Stack™ is the next generation of plant technology, allowing for quick and easy transplanting with no root shock to the plant. When the plant outgrows its container, the bottom is easily and cleanly removed, exposing the roots. Then, simply stack it on top of another container (or in the ground). The roots will naturally grow down and out to fill the new space provided. Watch the video below to see exactly how it works!

Serving the Market

Our dedicated cannabis product line of both plastic and fiber options were designed to suit the unique needs of cannabis growers.

The HC Companies is a leader in the manufacturing of horticultural containers. Our trusted and highly respected brand suite has been
servicing the United States and Canada – producing containers close to where your business does business.

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