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Resurgence in Gardening Expands Beyond Pandemic’s Influence


The continued strength of the horticultural industry has been primarily driven by a resurgence in gardening as a personal hobby. However, while the pandemic has undoubtedly been the impetus for gardening’s increased popularity, a new survey reveals that it’s not the only factor.

An Axiom Gardening Insights Survey, first presented at the True Value Home and Garden Show Place Reunion in late September of 2021, shows the reasons why many homeowners have gravitated towards gardening are now expanding beyond just a pandemic pastime.

When survey participants were asked what drives their continued interest in gardening, the top response focused on its ability to help lower increasing stress levels while aiding in an overall sense of health and well-being. recently conducted a study where participants were asked to perform a regularly stressful task during an average day and then asked to either read or garden for 30 minutes.

The results? The gardeners saw a significant decline in stress (measured by salivary cortisol, a stress hormone) as well as a feeling of complete restoration and positivity. The readers, however, actually experienced a further decline in mood.

Spending more time with family enjoying the outdoors, as well as spending more time at home, both tied for second place in the survey for this current resurgence in gardening.

For those new to gardening, 82% said they felt they were successful with their gardening tasks in 2021. Kathleen Hennessy, head of Axiom’s horticulture marketing group, says, “That’s holding steady from last year’s findings. What is even more encouraging is that number jumps to more than 90% when it comes to millennials. We believe if this group feels successful, that means the industry will have long-term growth. Millennials see gardening as more than just a hobby, it’s an extension of their home and a chance to enhance outdoor living space.”

Some additional survey findings include:

While the pandemic will eventually fade and allow our lives to return to normal, it seems the resurgence in gardening will remain an impactful way to increase the entire family’s health and well-being.

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