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Growth and Impact of the Horticulture Industry Continues to Inspire


Wholesale growers and retailers are already well aware of the incredible growth in the industry, spurred on by interested consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now a new study by Technavio reports that the growth and impact of the horticulture industry will continue well into the future.

The report states that “The flower and ornamental plants market is poised to grow by $28.98 billion (USD) during 2020-2024, progressing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of almost 6% during the forecast period.”

Such predictions about the growth and impact of the horticulture industry are supported by an ongoing study conducted by the Flower Council of Holland, which has studied the impact of COVID-19 on consumer’s purchasing habits for flowers and plants. Their third assessment revealed the following.

Jane Perrone writes in a Financial Times article entitled How Coronavirus Changed Gardening Forever, “The physical and mental health benefits of getting our hands in the soil ran through so many conversations about gardening during lockdown, whether people were looking for things to fill their time while on furlough or finding ways of coping with a demanding job.”

This unexpected re-connection with nature, the focus on something so pure, fulfilling, and nurturing to not only Mother Earth but one’s soul has also made many re-evaluate their priorities, as revealed in a recent Time magazine article written by Joanne Lipman.

“Millions of people have spent the past year re-evaluating their priorities. How much time do they want to spend in an office? Where do they want to live if they can work remotely? Do they want to switch careers? For many, this has become a moment to literally redefine what is work,” says Lipman.

While the chances of those re-evaluating their career paths entering the horticultural industry are probably remote, the continued growth of the sector signals the strength of plants and flowers and the soil we cultivate them in, on our mental well-being. Perhaps the growth and impact of the horticulture industry will continue to encourage us to be better citizens, better family members, and more mindful of our time and aspirations.

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