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Railing Planters and Deck Rail Planters Make Use of Small Spaces

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For those urban dwellers with small outdoor spaces (typically a balcony or small patio), it can be frustrating when your green thumb is yearning to get in the dirt and plant something. Railing planters (or deck rail planters) take advantage of a small outdoor space’s existing architecture to allow gardeners an out-of-the-way place to grow.

While the first inclination for urban dwellers with small outdoor spaces is to crowd the available floorspace with flower pots, it quickly becomes apparent that you’ve now limited your usable space for dining, working, or even lounging.

Railing planters are incredibly versatile while adding pleasing visuals to a deck, porch, or balcony railing by maximizing space that would otherwise go unused. Best of all, there are little to no limitations on what you can plant in railing planters. The list is endless, with a variety of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and vining plants to choose from.

Some things to consider before purchasing railing planters for your outdoor space:

  1. Do you own or rent your dwelling? If you rent, consider what damage may be caused by the railing planters themselves. Metal and wooden railings are prone to rust and rot over time, while composite railings offer more durability.
  2. Every container needs proper drainage, and railing planters are no different. Will drain holes be flush with the railing top, thus preventing adequate drainage? Are the holes raised, which allows the water to escape and aids with aeration?
  3. As governing associations control most multi-unit dwellings, it’s important to consult their guidelines regarding how you can and cannot utilize your outdoor spaces. While many are amenable to railing planters, some have safety restrictions depending on the floor you live on to prevent anything from accidentally falling and injuring individuals or property below.

While gardening might seem challenging at first in small outdoor spaces, thinking outside the box and looking beyond your floorspace can add visual impact everywhere your eyes see.

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