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Purdue’s Plant Growth Facility puts our containers to work

About a year ago, The HC Companies donated planting containers and flats to the Plant Growth Facility at Purdue University – Department of Horticulture and Landscape (HLA).

While we here at The HC Companies always strive to help the industry whenever we can (both professional and educational), you rarely think about the impact your helping hand provides outside of our manufacturing facilities.

“As a manager of a research greenhouse facility, I am constantly adjusting our offered plastics to help adapt to new project requirements. The HC Companies has always been a go-to resource for high quality across a wide-range of offered products. They help make our job that much easier,” said Nathan A. Deppe, Purdue University, Plant Growth Facility Manager.

Their mission: to create environments for excellence in plant research, teaching and outreach, using current technology and a customer-focused service team.

First opened in March of 1998, the Plant Growth Facility at Purdue University houses plants across twenty-eight greenhouse zones, two expansive growth rooms, countless growth chambers, a tissue culture laboratory and teaching laboratories. “Your products have been hard at work in many of these environments!” said Deppe.

Our planting containers and flats have been used extensively throughout the year to carry-out education, research and extension missions at the Plant Growth Facility during the fiscal year.

Deppe added, “We keep your products in a highly-visible trafficked area where students, faculty/staff, industry partners and private growers frequent during academic semesters, extension activities and resource presentations and seminars.”

The image above shows a research project Deppe just completed. “I produced a long day onion cultivar called ‘Ailsa Craig’ in diverse substrates using the eight-inch pots you sent me. Those eight-inch pots are the finest and we use them all of the time. Thanks again for your support!”

In case you’re wondering, Nathan is holding a two-pound onion in his hand and is currently sitting on about 300 pounds from his research project. That’s a lot of onions to cook!

For more information on the Plant Growth Facility at Purdue University, click here.

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