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Ornamental Hedges Provide Beauty and Shelter for Wildlife

Ornamental Hedges Beauty Shelter for Wildlife | HC Companies

Nursery growers plant a wide variety of trees and shrubs throughout their growing operations. Ornamental hedges are one popular plant cultivated throughout North American – sought after by residential and commercial customers to help soften hardscapes.

While ornamental hedges are often regarded as nothing more than a decorative element in your overall landscape design, their benefits are far greater.

The editors at Gardeners’ World Magazine state, “Far more interesting than a fence, a hedge can last many years, providing security and privacy, shelter for wildlife, as well as beauty and interest. What’s more, hedges filter wind better than hard structures, reducing its velocity. Hedging makes a wonderful foil for other plants and can even make your garden look bigger.”

Gardeners’ World Magazine Suggested Ornamental Hedges

While HC Companies continues to support nursery growers with a variety of horticulture containers, Gardeners’ World Magazine is providing a list of suggested ornamental hedges you might want to consider on your property and the benefits of each.

Rosa rugosa


Leyland cypress


Your local garden center or nursery will certainly have a wide variety of ornamental hedges which best suit your unique growing zone. We hope this post has educated you on the features and benefits hedges can provide beyond just beautification.

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