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Why Do So Many Millennials Love Houseplants as a Hobby?

Plants are a hot trend in home décor right now and it’s evident that Millennials love houseplants as a newfound hobby.

According to the 2019 Gardening Survey, consumers reported spending a record $47.8 billion on retail lawn and garden items, with 30% of all households buying at least one houseplant. The survey revealed that the 18-34-year old group now makes up nearly 30% of gardening households.

Ian Baldwin, a gardening industry analyst and business advisor who participated in the survey, noted the current indoor houseplant trend is reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s when homes were filled with various sizes and shapes of non-flowering plants in pots or macramé hangers.

But why do Millennials love houseplants and what has them buying more than ever?

Health and wellness are important to the Millennial generation, which makes plants a natural draw.  Plants are known to make healthier spaces for people to inhabit by helping to purify the air, boost one’s mood, and lower stress levels.

Young people are using plants, especially those living in urban apartments, to create green spaces to help destress. Additionally, plants add life to stark spaces, give privacy, and even reduce noise levels.

Millennial-minded employers are also striving to create healthier work environments by incorporating living walls and green spaces to help improve the quality of life for their workers. The Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn, New York has more than 11,000 plants throughout their 200,000 square foot facility.

Many Millennials are delaying purchasing homes, getting married, or having children, but still have a human need to nurture. Plants provide young people an opportunity to care for a living thing and help them satisfy the human need to connect without making a huge commitment. Plant owners also do not have to worry about a landlord’s no pet policy or arranging for a sitter while on vacation.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of plant collecting that Millennials enjoy is the community it builds – both in-person and online. New plant clubs, plant swaps, and plant shows have been popping up in communities around the country.

The online community is also growing at a rapid rate. Some even attribute Instagram with helping the resurgence of indoor houseplants by allowing a space for plant owners to not only share their collections but also share their expertise.

Millennials love houseplants and that’s a good thing. It not only encourages self-care and nurturing, but it also creates community in a world where there is often a disconnect. And while this plant craze may seem like a fad, the Millennial generation is well-positioned to preserve a long-lasting affection with plants.

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