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Fiber Pots and Biodegradable Planters – Real-World Results Revealed


As more environmentally conscious consumers demand more sustainable options in all walks of life, growers see fiber pots and biodegradable planters as an opportunity to bring their inventory full circle by utilizing and marketing plants grown in sustainable, molded pulp growing containers.

It’s a unique differentiator in a competitive industry, but it’s not without its share of concerns.

When it comes to fiber pots and biodegradable planters, the question of real-world results in typical growing cycles is often asked by growers using traditional plastic plant containers in their operations.

Concerns surrounding the applicability of fiber pots and biodegradable planters are legitimate and critical for growers across North America, for altering the growing medium could not only impact crop yields but ultimately profits as well.

HC, with a full line of fiber pots and biodegradable planters, set out to alleviate these concerns with growing trials conducted throughout the United States.

We understand that fiber growing containers are unique in their composition and therefore it can be difficult for growers to understand how and where to use them, not to mention how plants can be successfully cultivated in them.

During these trials, it was important to:

The trials featured:

While the individual timelines, tracking and overall results are highlighted in our informative webinar, Understanding fiber growing containers through real-world applications (watch now!), here are the observed conclusions.

In short, fiber growing containers are a suitable alternative to plastic containers for growers searching for a sustainable growing solution.

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