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Fiber Cannabis Containers for Safer, Sustainable Transplanting


Many cannabis growers choose to start their plants in smaller containers before transplanting them into larger ones (or even into the ground). While there are many options available for sowing seeds such as plug trays, fiber cannabis containers are a safer (and sustainable) choice.

While some cannabis growers will start their seeds in larger, finished containers, there are drawbacks. Larger containers with smaller plants often mean roots system are essentially “suspended” in a great deal of soil – and that soil is filled with moisture.

Smaller plants often cannot properly absorb all the excess moisture contained in the soil and that sitting moisture can lead to root rot and ultimately the plant’s demise.

Transplanting is a viable solution, but it’s not without risks. The root systems of cannabis plants are highly sensitive, and transplanting can often lead to root shock, stunted growth and death if not done properly. Even experienced cannabis growers admit that sometimes transplanting can be just too much for some plants to withstand.

HC’s EcoGrow® fiber cannabis containers provide an optimal solution for propagation, as the entire pot can be safely planted into a larger container (or the ground) without disturbing the root system. The composition of the container will decompose quickly, allowing the roots to naturally expand in their new environment without any negative effects or shock to the roots.

Additionally, EcoGrow® containers are available in both standard and organic versions, which are an ideal solution for growers restricted from using non-organic certificated containers.

EcoGrow® fiber cannabis containers breathe like clay pots, but instead of extracting water from the plant, they actually help retain water by creating an optimal environment for root system development – never too wet; never too dry.

Additionally, fiber cannabis containers experience what is known as air pruning (also called self-pruning). When roots are exposed to air (combined with the absence of high humidity) roots are essentially “burned” off, which causes the plant to continuously produce new, healthy roots.

The process of transplanting just got easier and safer with HC’s fiber cannabis containers. Request samples today so you can see for yourself.

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