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A Deck Box Planter Holds Many Benefits for Garden Shoppers

Deck Box Planter

Deck railings are often a missed opportunity when it comes to adding a little gardening magic to a homeowner’s property. A decorative, deck box planter makes it simple and easy.

Social media platforms and design programs offer homeowners an endless stream of creative gardening ideas.

But their greatest inspiration often comes from simply walking through a garden center or big-box store where visual merchandising techniques have been successfully applied to entire shoppers looking to spruce up their outdoor areas.

Visual merchandising combines some basic marketing principles, industry trends, product knowledge, and creativity to deliberately present a retailer’s inventory in a positive way – consequently increasing product sales.

Are you helping your customers see the benefits a deck box planter can make?

If your garden center has a structural design element near the entrance – a wooden gazebo or modest deck construction perhaps – this provides the blank canvas you’ll need to show the features and benefits of planting in a deck box planter.

They’re a great, easy way to help provide privacy from your neighbors while sitting outside enjoying a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. By lining railings with multiple deck box planters filled with hearty flowers, you’ll illustrate the privacy they can afford.

While decks are oftentimes architecturally pleasing, they lack a bit of curb appeal. Deck box planters are a great way to add a splash of color – not only from the flowers planted inside but from the box itself. Don’t limit your visual merchandising displays to just flowers. Draping vines, spike plants, and even vegetables and herbs can add a pop of color and visual interest.

For those tight on space, deck box planters allow homeowners to plant herbs and seasonal flowers without robbing square footage from their seating areas. They also extend your sight-lines, providing a beautiful focal point to admire. Pairing a garden bench, bistro table, or patio set within your display will help homeowners see the real estate which can be gained.

Show your customers how a deck box planter can be utilized at their property and you’ll increase your sales at the register.

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