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As “Backyarding” Continues, Consider HC’s New Borden Planters


Backyards became a safe haven for entertaining, working, relaxing, dining, and so much more during the pandemic. As a result, the trend became known as “backyarding” – the moving of indoor activities outdoors – and appears to be the new normal for many individuals and families.


“Backyarding is a way of life now,” says Kris Kiser, president and CEO of the TurfMutt Foundation– an environmental education and stewardship program that encourages outdoor living and environmental responsibility. “Homeowners spent lots of time, money, and effort over the last eighteen months improving their backyards to make them an extension of their homes so they could work, cook, exercise, and even vacation outdoors. We believe people will continue to ‘backyard more’ in the coming year and beyond.”


One of the most popular and economic backyarding trends was turning outdoor spaces into a gardening oasis by incorporating decorative planters and plant pots in various sizes and styles into the landscape. From decks and patios to porches and pathways to planting beds and even around trees, the results were nothing short of dramatic when arranged with lush flowering plants and crawling vines.


Many of HC’s decorative planters and plant pots helped contribute to the backyarding plans of homeowners looking for maximum impact at a relatively minimal price. Now HC has created a brand-new family of decorative planters and plant pots ideal for outdoor living spaces.


After surveying hundreds of consumers and showcasing up to 20 different designs, the pattern on the Borden family of planters won by a long shot. The texture is made to look like wood, without the weight and fragility often associated with it. In addition, this texture is situated in a chevron-like pattern to keep it modern and trendy while also allowing it to pair well with several different colors and design styles.


The Borden family consists of a tall square planter, a short square planter, a square garden bowl, and a deck box. These planters are available in two colors – Chestnut and Maple – and blend seamlessly with many outdoor designs while standing out against complementing colors in your landscape.


We’ve created each of these planters to feature a snap-on rim, which provides strength and shape integrity. So whether you’re planting succulents in the garden bowl or much more substantial plants and flowers in the tall planter, each one will keep its shape and won’t warp with the weight of the soil.


If you’re looking for a new line of decorative planters and plant pots to offer your customers adopting the idea of backyarding, the Borden family of planters is worth considering.

Borden Planters

Durable planters with a fused double rim and drain hole with plug. Textured wood design complements outdoor spaces.

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