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Wholesale plant pots say a lot about what’s also inside

One of the most important products for any greenhouse, nursery or garden center growing in mass are wholesale plant pots and wholesale planters used to grow everything from plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs and flowers.

For greenhouses and nurseries, it’s critical they find wholesale plant pots which serve their intended function time and time again, while still being economical. Growers sometimes turn to less expensive options to save on their bottom line but are often disappointed when the durability and reliability are lacking and justify the lower cost.

For garden centers, wholesale planters are not only about intended function, but perhaps more importantly about relevant style trends in the market. While terra cotta colored planters never seem to go out of vogue, today’s consumers are more demanding of their design options and expect you to be up to speed on the latest designer trends.

At the end of the day, the type of wholesale plant pots and wholesale planters you choose to grow your crops in may not seem like a necessary detail to some.

But it’s important to remember that anything which ultimately lands in the buying-public’s hands creates a perception in their minds of not only the quality of the container, but the plant growing inside.

Therefore, it’s always critical to make sure any product you’re bringing to market takes into consideration a more sophisticated customer base, who’s always on the hunt for the best bang for their buck.

Rim Dourai from Customer Think says, “In today’s landscape of digital rising demand, the power has shifted in the favor of a better informed customer. Their research for products and services is more sophisticated. They have more options than ever and a cyclical relationship with brands. They can recommend and criticize offerings online influenced by the intense flow of emotional content available.”

Wholesale plant pots and wholesale planters are a necessary detail for the greenhouse and nursery growers, and ultimately for the garden center who has direct access to the customer. While cost will always be a concern, make sure your offerings (especially if they land in the buying-public’s hands) are perceived as quality.

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