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Sustainable Growing Containers Are Top-of-Mind for Today’s Gardeners

sustainable growing containers

The word “sustainable” is a common buzzword currently attached to everything from clothing, energy, coffee, and even gardening. But beyond all the marketing jargon, growers, garden centers, and retailers want to know just how receptive today’s consumers are towards purchasing sustainable growing containers.

Here are a few reputable statistics to provide clarification on the subject.

Growers, garden centers, and retailers can no longer ignore the long-term benefits of sustainable growing containers, driven in part by the increased demands of a more sophisticated and environmentally conscious consumer.

Today’s Gardeners

A new generation of gardeners who understands and values a more sustainable lifestyle is impacting society and will expect the growers, garden centers, and retailers they choose to do business with to offer the products they crave.

This new generation of consumers is most concerned about a product’s packaging. The growing container (or flower pot as many refer to it) is the “packaging” most obvious to consumers when purchasing plant products during the season.

Manufacturers realized the void in sustainable growing containers and developed new containers to help growers, garden centers, and retailers retain their customers by offering them options alongside traditional resin containers.

When Choosing a Container Certifications are Critical

Consumers are becoming more aware of greenwashing techniques. This tactic involves companies spending time and money trying to convince the public of their “eco-friendly” status rather than developing the products and processes necessary to defend their ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance).

That is why it’s critical when your organization is sourcing a “sustainably” branded product to add to your inventory that the vendor has provided a credible, up-to-date, third-party certification. In addition, properly vetting growing containers provides consumers with a level of trust in your products and your dedication to an overall environmental commitment.

Finally, sustainable growing containers help differentiate your business in a crowded market instead of being branded as just another commodity, while combatting the global environmental challenges your business will face in the future.

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