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Marketing Trends for 2023 Your Organization Should Consider


To the surprise of many, 2022 is drawing to a close. As a result, many organizations are looking ahead to determine what marketing trends need to be a part of their 2023 strategic and budgetary discussions.


While some of the marketing trends listed below may be familiar and already a part of your marketing mix, they’re becoming increasingly more impactful with businesses and customers. At the same time, new concepts will be worth exploring for your organization in the coming year. 


Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur, and teacher says, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” Read on to discover how your stories can further impact your marketing and overall business goals in 2023.


Email Marketing

According to Constant Contact, the average ROI for email marketing is $36 for every $1 spent. That’s a considerable return on a marketing tactic many companies still are not leveraging in their business. While privacy changes are constantly evolving and can challenge your email marketing efforts, the key is to create compelling stories and relevant information that excite readers when they land in their inboxes. Creating personalized experiences by customizing content based on various customer personas is a surefire way to keep customers engaged with your emails in the future.


Video Content

Many organizations believe that to produce quality video content for digital and social media marketing, you need to invest thousands of dollars in a professional video service. While there certainly is a place for such polished productions, today’s smartphone technology is designed specifically for taking videos with the intent of sharing them online. These simplistic videos often make the viewer feel the organization has taken them along on the journey without being overproduced, which can sometimes alienate the viewer. Record videos of manufacturing or packaging at your facility, your staff attending an industry trade show, a new product demonstration, and so much more.


Virtual Experiences

The pandemic forced many of us to utilize virtual platforms for business and personal use in ways we never thought possible. Surveys revealed that virtual platforms enabled individuals to better connect with brands through transparency and insight. Now you can reach your potential purchasing audience from coast-to-coast with tours of your office, manufacturing facility, or growing operation (to name a few), with little cost or inconvenience. In addition, virtual experiences will allow organizations to tell their story while visually differentiating themselves in the market.


While many other marketing trends will undoubtedly emerge as the new year progresses, email marketing, video content, and virtual experiences are a few initiatives your organization should look to expand in 2023.

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