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Gardening Trends for 2023 Are About Personalization


At the start of the pandemic, gardening soared in popularity as a beneficial way to pass the hours and an opportunity to freshen the outdoor spaces many of us were spending more and more time in than ever before. Gardening trends for 2023 will be transforming those outdoor spaces through personalization.

Katie Tamony, Monrovia’s chief marketing officer, says, “Personalization of your outdoor space can take on specific design attributes, but in many instances, it’s more than that. Our research is telling us that gardening offers a unique connection. It could be a connection to the environment–interest in pollinators like bees and birds. For some, it is creating a functional and beautiful space that allows them to connect to family and friends. For others, it’s about developing a calming sanctuary to relax and unwind.”

Below are a few popular gardening trends for 2023 that we’re sure to see sprouting up in neighborhoods from coast to coast.

Creating an Upscale Oasis

This gardening trend is about creating an inspirational space to unwind on any given day, providing the feeling of being on vacation in your backyard. The pandemic has encouraged many individuals to enjoy their outdoor spaces more. They’re investing in more quality furnishings, water features, outdoor cooking areas, and firepits to create a relaxing oasis they can experience after a long day of work or activities.

Scandinavian Minimalism

The Danish concept of hygge, which means finding or creating a sense of coziness and comfort in your environment, mimics the feeling of being out in the woods where flowers and plant life gently and artfully crawl over stones and other hardscape elements. This dreamy, whimsical atmosphere marries bricks and stones with rustic containers, flowing conifers, and bold colors accented by the rich dark hue of soil and green foliage.

Drought Tolerant Plants

Water conservation is no longer a topic limited to those passionate about environmental protection. It’s now top-of-mind for many residents and communities as drought conditions have become a reality throughout North America. While gardeners are open to purchasing plants that are bred to be drought tolerant, they’re concerned about sacrificing beauty. More and more growers are beginning to trial drought-tolerant plants, which retain their natural beauty while reducing their water consumption, and many exist in the market right now.

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