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Home Gardeners are Motivated But Still Need Guidance from Experts

Home Gardeners are Motivated But Still Need Expert Guidance

Few industries have not been impacted by the Covid19 pandemic of 2020 in one way or another. For the horticultural industry, we’ve seen a resurgence of home gardeners.

With many still fairly isolated to their homes for work and even schooling, families are heading out for a reprieve to enjoy the natural world right outside their back door.

In turn, they’re using this time (and additional money) to make improvements based on the lack of curb appeal they now see in front of them more regularly.

Motivation of Home Gardeners

There are many reasons why people are heading outdoors to become home gardeners:

But novice home gardeners often struggle with propagation practices, choosing the ideal growing containers for a variety of plants and vegetables and understanding the proper soil and nutrients needed for healthy growth.

Many new gardeners are young according to a 2019 Gardening Survey where Millennials comprised 30% of gardening households and continue to out-pace older age groups based on their interest in overall health and wellness.

But Millennials share of the U.S. housing market was just 4% in 2019 and the pandemic seems to be supporting a downward trend as many are strapped with student loans and fearful of taking on any additional debt during times of uncertainty.

With homeownership declining in this high gardening growth area, container and patio gardens are becoming a popular alternative for small space living. In fact, The Daily Green estimates that U.S. consumers now spend $1.3 billion dollars on container gardening. They’re less demanding on people’s schedules and are often viewed as a decorative element producing quick results without being permanent.

Tips for Helping Home Gardeners

So, how can you contribute to this new field of growers while capturing a piece of the market?

A new generation of home gardeners are entering the field and need your continued support in order to succeed and retain those customers. Make sure you’re ready to handle their needs throughout the process.

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