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Greenhouse Supplies After You Know What You Want to Grow

Buy Greenhouse Supplies After Knowing What You Want to Grow

Greenhouse gardening is an incredibly popular technique – especially for those living in colder climates. But it’s more than just getting a shiny new structure installed. You’ll need greenhouse supplies before you can even begin to think about cultivation.

Benefits of Greenhouse Growing

There are many benefits to growing crops in greenhouses, including:

  1. A consistent, more reliable crop
  2. A wide variety of plants/vegetables – all of which thrive in this environment
  3. The extension of the normal growing season
  4. An optimally controlled growing environment
  5. Protection from insects and predators

From “Growing under the cover of a greenhouse is a little different than traditional outdoor gardening. The sun will provide light and some heat, but as a greenhouse gardener, it’s up to you to give your plants everything else they need while serving as a pest and problem watchdog.”

Tips for Formulating Your List of Greenhouse Supplies

When making your list of greenhouse supplies, there are so many necessary things to consider such as lighting, temperature and humidity control, watering, sanitation, containers and benches to name a few.

But before you start purchasing any of the greenhouse supplies mentioned above, you first need to decide what exactly will you be growing?

According to Peter Kim, a freelance writer with a passion for the environment and green businesses, “Beginning your journey with indoor plant production depends on what plants you’d like to focus on, but as a general rule, first-time greenhouse producers should get their feet wet (perhaps literally) with a few easy, straight forward crops before tackling something more delicate like strawberries or pineapples.”

Once you have your crop identified, figuring out the greenhouse supplies you need quickly comes into focus.

You’ll determine if you need propagation trays, starter pots, finished pots or even fiber, biodegradable pots based on the root structure and moisture retention necessary for optimal growth. And don’t underestimate the importance of using good, quality soil.

“As in the garden, soil is very important. Make sure to use sterile, high quality potting soil that drains well in the greenhouse. Growing medium that holds too much water, causes plant roots to suffocate and increases the possibility of seedlings and plants rotting at the soil line or crown which is known as dampening-off. Lightweight potting soil allows plants roots access to air,” according to Burpee.

From there, identifying the remaining greenhouse supplies you’ll need will be determined by the size of your growing medium as well as the light and water requirements for your individual plant.

Also, remember to pay close attention to the continual cleanliness of your greenhouse.

“The cleaner the better,” said Jay Stanton, Past-President of the Central Pennsylvania Hobby Greenhouse Association and life-long greenhouse grower, “Not only for aesthetics, but also to reduce the problem of fungus and disease due to plant material lying around where infection can spread.”

Greenhouse supplies are often just a few clicks away by visiting dedicated distributors serving the horticultural and agricultural industry. But first things first. Determine what you want to grow, learn how it needs to grow and before long you’ll have a properly executed greenhouse reaping rewards.

Greenhouse Supplies?

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