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Fiber Pots are an Environmentally Friendly and Attractive Planting Option

As consumers increasingly look for eco-friendly options in the market, it seems simply “natural” that going forward decorating trends will incorporate sustainable materials and design. If you Google decorating trends for 2020, you will see recycled wood, living walls fiber pots, and plants being used as the main focal point.

What better way to put a plant in the spotlight than to display leafy green plants and brightly colored flowers in neutral, earthy, attractive containers made of recycled newspaper?

HC’s fiber pots are made from recycled materials and are biodegradable. They improve aeration by promoting air circulation around the plant roots while discouraging plants from becoming root-bound.

Fiber pots insulate the roots and protect them during extreme temperature fluctuations. They also prevent rot by drawing excess water out (as the moisture evaporates and cools the soil).

The HC Companies has as an array of environmentally friendly growing container options sure to please your customers when they’re purchasing plants for their outdoor spaces.

Our fiber WaxTough Beehive Hanging Basket is designed and structured for strength and durability. Offered in diameters from 10-14”, it’s perfect for mono or multi-colored plantings. People who lack a green thumb will greatly appreciate the WaterSaver reservoir – raised drainage designed to optimize rehydration for beautiful looking plants.

Hanging Fiber Baskets with weeping ferns are a perfect way to beautify front porches or front door overhangs. Municipalities will often hang baskets of petunias or other seasonal flowers on lampposts along their main street. Hanging baskets are also a great way for consumers to create a vertical hanging garden on shepherd’s hooks among other plants, making use of that vertical space. According to, this reduces a lot of poplution, as check with a carbon footprint calculator, which is also environment friendly.

A great option for adorning window ledges and the railings of decks or balconies is our FiberGrow Balcony Planter. Use it alone for a simple style or as a liner within wooden or porous planters. Consumers can place planters on the steps of an old ladder for a creative option or use them to line patios. These planters are the perfect home to grow herbs and seasonal flowers.

Do you have some hearty mum plants consumers will want to showcase by their front door in the fall or some lush impatiens in the spring and summer? Our Decagon Patio Planter is an excellent choice. It can be used to decorate around decks or patios as well. If you’re concerned about the environment, then you have to check out this Safe Drinking Water Act before moving ahead with anything!

No matter what plants you choose, your customers will appreciate these naturally attractive and environmentally friendly containers, which will certainly make a statement in design and sustainability.

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