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Digital Marketing Ideas for 2022 Require a Little Attention


The pandemic has altered our normalcy. As a result, routines that were once so common and familiar to us have evolved, forcing us to find new ways for everything from shopping to banking to communicating. Marketers must digest those new ways while learning how to capitalize in a new direction – exposing new digital marketing ideas for 2022.

As we all become more psychologically conditioned to utilize the internet in our day-to-day lives, having an up-to-date digital presence has never been more important. As the new year begins, businesses both large and small should be taking this opportunity to both evaluate and review their online presence for searchability, consistency, and accuracy.

Below are some digital marketing ideas for 2022 that all businesses should consider focusing on as society continues to adjust to this new normalcy.

Online Reviews

With e-commerce exploding in the United States – sales are expected to grow 13.7% to a massive $908.73 billion in 2021 – online reviews are now a critical component before making a purchase or trusting a product. Therefore, it’s essential to ask customers for product and service reviews on a regular basis.

As suggested by Fully-Verified, online review requests should be sent through text and email for customer convenience. Remember, the more difficult it is to leave a review, the better the chances a customer will not leave one at all. Why respond to reviews? First, it lets the customers know that you care about their business and their time. Plus, it can help your business rank higher on search engines.


Today, people often avoid the hassle of making phone calls to businesses. Additionally, email is not instantaneous enough for a quick response and sometimes is ignored. Webchat is ideal for customers as it offers them the convenience of speaking with a live person while increasing the chances their questions will be answered quickly. There are many solutions on the market for small businesses, so even they can take advantage of Webchat benefits.

Stay Active on Social Platforms

Today, customers expect to see businesses active on social platforms beyond just a single post once a week. Sharing customer reviews is an effortless way to post credible information that potential customers will find helpful. Shy away from simply reposting content from other sources. Instead, try and create unique content to help set yourself apart as thought leaders.

Additional digital marketing ideas for 2022 include making sure your online listings are correct (contact information, locations, hours, etc.) and investing in online advertising campaigns. Google’s PPC ads are an economical solution.

Don’t let your business fall behind in 2022. Make sure your digital presence is accurate and active to secure your place in a crowded market.

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