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Marketing Trends for 2022 Need to be Kept Top-of-Mind

Marketing trends for 2022

It’s impossible to endure something like the recent global pandemic without expecting some things will inevitably change. The behavior of consumers is constantly evolving, and the pandemic has certainly accelerated many changes some consider nothing more than fads. But in reality, they are what will undoubtedly be marketing trends for 2022 and possibly beyond.


Marketers are all too familiar with the constantly shifting behaviors of consumers and how the advent of technology and social media can sway them quickly. But many still assume that what was born from the pandemic out of pure necessity will soon disappear from the consumer landscape. While that might be true for some things, others will become marketing trends for 2022, and organizations will need to consider adopting them to stay relevant in the minds of consumers.


The horticultural industry has not always been quick to adopt marketing trends and strategies based on their demographics, often skewing towards the older generation. But a new regime of wholesale growers is entering the fray. They’re more sophisticated and demanding than their predecessors in their use of technology and how they gather and accept information.


The two callouts below were taken from a July 2021 article on entitled 6 Marketing Trends to Prepare For in 2022 by John Hall and are most relevant to wholesale growers and retailers in the horticultural industry.


Events Will Transition to Hybrid Offerings


For the horticultural industry, in-person events are necessary for growers looking to see and touch wholesale greenhouse, nursery, and retail containers they require for the coming growing season. But in 2020, all in-person events were canceled, sending distributors and professional organizations scrambling for the ability to offer an entirely virtual experience that was a helpful resource, not a visual distraction.


Surprisingly, one of the significant advantages of a virtual buying show for growers was who could now attend. Some growers who traditionally avoid trade shows due to the expense or the time away from their operation now could visit these virtual experiences without stepping foot off their property – a convenience few could argue with given the unprecedented revenue in 2020.


Halls says, “Now consumers – and the marketers who pitch to them – face two warring impulses. The urge to gather again is strong, for sure. But having experienced the immediacy of live events from the comfort of their couches, many consumers are happy to keep things virtual. To cater to both audiences, you’ll need to craft hybrid events. In-person events will have a strong digital component, and technologies like AR and VR can create an immersive experience for those who prefer not to venture out.”


The Alignment of Your Content Will Be Critical


Michael Brenner of Marketing Insider Group says that, “Content marketing is important, not just because it works for building trust, generating leads, and cultivating customer loyalty, but because it has become the new normal from the consumer side. It is, in itself, helping to evolve what customers expect from the brands they interact with.”


Websites used to be nothing more than an expanded brochure that touted the greatness of an organization without providing any real education or information. Today, consumers want to do business with thought leaders who understand the importance of delivering relevant, timely, and applicable content over self-promotion.


Do you have an SEO strategy? Are you updating content and resources regularly? Does your current content establish your credibility in the industry? Are you sharing your content on social media channels?


There is no greater differentiator than the curated content your organization provides to current and prospective customers. The pandemic forced many of us to use the powers of the internet for education and information when making purchasing decisions. Ask yourself, how well does your organization stack up?


As brands and organizations struggle for their piece of the pie during these times of unpredictability, being mindful of upcoming marketing trends for 2022 will help you successfully navigate the uncertainty.

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