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How Garden Centers and Nurseries can Leverage Curbside Pick-up


As the coronavirus pandemic continues restricting the way in which society lives and businesses earn profits, many are turning to curbside pick-up as an opportunity to keep their doors open while providing customers with some sense of normalcy.

Supermarkets and restaurants have successfully utilized curbside pick-up at their locations across the country (where applicable). Garden centers and nurseries are now turning towards this retail trend in order to get flowers, vegetables, and shrubs into the hands of consumers, who are spending more and more time outside in their gardens.

Many garden centers and nurseries are already set up to support e-commerce on their websites. While it’s easy to order fertilizer or outdoor ornaments from your inventory, plants and decorative containers pose a different challenge.

What flowers and colors pair well with other plants? How many flowers can one container support for optimal health and drainage? How much dirt will I need to fill the container’s capacity?

Many garden centers and nurseries are solving this challenge by pairing flowers, plants, dirt, and decorative containers together in one complete package.

The consumer browses pre-arranged decorative containers, artfully prepared with flowers and plants, selects a supplied time for pick-up, and then it’s seamlessly and conveniently delivered to their trunk with no social interaction.

This pre-arranged, one-stop-shopping helps move through inventory, but it also helps alleviate the stress often experienced by homeowners who are typically unsure of how to properly prepare a decorative container filled with seasonal flowers.

For those garden centers and nurseries with limited access or customization to their website, you can market the same pre-arranged decorative containers through your social channels, an email blast, outdoor signage, cold calling your existing customers, or distributing fliers in neighborhoods around your area.

Virtual Demonstrations
With quarantining still in place throughout much of North America, homeowners are turning to the internet not only for entertainment but education as well. Garden centers and nurseries armed with cell phones can easily and effectively record demonstrations on how to create beautiful decorative containers for front porches, deck railings, and patios. Then, in the end, you tell watchers they can purchase the finished container by simply calling or emailing your location. You can quickly and easily create dozens of videos using flowers, vegetable plants, and even herbs to help further move your inventory through curbside pick-up.

If your garden center or nursery is interested in utilizing pre-arranged decorative containers, but are lacking the containers, HC can help. Below is a suggested list of decorative containers available for immediate delivery all across North America, featuring wide, sturdy rims which makes them easier to load into customer vehicles.


Venetian Flower Box Tray

Romana Deck Planter

Color Square Planter

Color Round Bowl Planter

Decostone Decorative Planter




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