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Automation friendly containers are critical to today’s growers

Automation friendly containers – This featured webinar originally ran on Thursday, April 18, 2019 in association with GrowerTalks.

What Makes a Growing Container Automation-Friendly?

As the horticultural industry struggles with labor challenges, the subject of greenhouse automation is more relevant than ever. Having the right automation friendly container—one that fits the requirements and specifications of your equipment—is critical. But what makes a growing container automation friendly? And if you don’t have automated equipment, are there any manual solutions to help minimize labor costs while maximizing efficiency?

In this free GrowerTalks webinar, Chris Soltis, Director of Sales, and Mark Hembree, Marketing Product Manager for The HC Companies, will walk you through the ins and outs of greenhouse and nursery containers with an eye toward automation efficiency as well as the features that can help you get more from your containers in a a manual labor setting. The HC Companies is a leader in the manufacturing of horticultural containers in all shapes, sizes and materials.

Watch the entire webinar here

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