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Window Boxes: Window Box Planters a Popular Decorative Option

Window Boxes | Window Box Planters for Flowers Popular Garden Option

Outdoor Window Flower Boxes

Window box planters are a popular way to garden when space limitations are a reality. Found throughout the world, homeowners and commercial properties appreciate their overall purpose in transforming a windowsill into an eye-catching design element.

The window box first became popular much earlier than one might assume. Ancient Rome was a very crowded city with small homes all crammed together – very similar to apartment dwellings in today’s day in age.

With little to no land made available to these smaller homes, many people decided that the only logical and feasible place to grow vegetables was out their windows. Thus, window box planters were born!

Their use was originally more purposeful so that lower-class citizens without the means could economically cultivate food in their modest homes. But eventually, wealthier Romans (as well as others throughout history) used window box planters to beautiful their homes with seasonal flowers and décor to complement their lush landscapes.

During the Victorian era, which was all about luxury and beauty, window box planters truly cemented their place in our modern society. Being mass-produced, they became a widespread option for homeowners looking to add greenery to the hardscapes of their stone and brick facades.

The colonists brought window box planters to America, where their popularity never wanes as new generations of growers continue to see their benefits – especially urban gardeners who are drawn to the pastime for its mental health and environmental qualities.


HC Companies Garden Window Boxes

Here at The HC Companies, we offer a choice of beautiful window box planters designed to accommodate your taste and exterior design.

Venetian Window Box Planter

Our Venetian Window Box is available in 18, 24, and 30-inch widths in a variety of colors. They feature removable drain plugs for indoor or outdoor spaces and are a great choice to beautify balconies, patios, fences, and windowsills. A fluted design enhances the look of flowering or trailing plants. Learn more about the Venetian Window Box





HC Companies’ Exlipse Window Flower Box

Our Eclipse Window Box is available in 24 and 30-inch widths in a variety of colors. In addition, they feature a removable attached saucer in a lightweight and durable design. Learn more about the Eclipse Window Box

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