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Put in-store signage to work for you

Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you. – Mark Cuban, American Businessman and Investor

As a business owner, you don’t always have the time to be out on the floor or meandering around the property to connect with each and every customer visiting your location.

Additionally, your sales staff faces many of the same challenges – often caught up with one customer who’s filled with questions, while others wait or walk away entirely.

This is why store signage is so critical in garden centers, nurseries and retailers.

If you began to think What Does It Take to Start a Sign Printing Business?, you are on the right track, because often called “your silent salesperson,” properly designed and applied signage can truly impact your bottom line.

In a survey conducted by FedEx Office, in conjunction with Ketchum Global Research & Analytics, it was revealed that “68% of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services”.

With such a high percentage perceiving the quality of your products and services just from a sign, you can’t afford to do it wrong. We’ve identified some common mistakes businesses make when it comes to signage so you can avoid them in the future.

  1. Your sign font is too small – What someone is their 20s might consider legible, may not be to someone in their 60s. To prevent creating signs that aren’t readable, bump up your font size two points from what you believe is appropriate. A slightly larger font is always better when it comes to in-store signage. Also, make sure the font you’re using coordinates with your brand for consistency.
  2. You don’t have any signs aimed at people standing in line – Sales made while waiting in line are a great way to generate additional revenue on impulse buys. So, give your customers something to stare at. Be humorous and entertaining on these signs for a happy customer often spends more money at the register.
  3. Signage should be viewed as a headline – Headlines make it easier for customers to see what you want them to see. A successful sign will make a customer stop and think before moving on. Avoid long copy on your signage – instead, capture their attention with an attention getting headline!
  4. You’re reusing one-time-use signs – Based on the statistic pointed out above, your signage is conveying a message about your business. If that signage is damaged, worn out or has been corrected with a permanent marker, what will customers think about your business? If signage is NOT in excellent condition, don’t use it.

Don’t let “your silent salesperson” go to waste. Make sure your business is not making the common mistakes we listed above. The best part? They’re easily remedied.

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