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providing beauty and durability

Reimagined planters with MODERN designs, FRESH colors and INNOVATIVE features.
Our TREND inspired planters are the perfect addition to our FAMILIAR favorites.


Age no longer represents a boundary for those seeking to attain the esteemed title of “gardener”.

From modest urban dwellers to rural residences complete with a majestic front porch – the word “home” is no longer defined by the size of your space but the size of your imagination to create something inviting and comforting.

While not every would-be gardener looks the same, many are drawn to the simple beauty and convenience of container gardening.

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Your Style

Coordinating containers nestled in the corner of a balcony growing herbs and edible flowers; a pair of matching containers on either side of a front door filled with seasonal arrangements.

The possibilities are endless, yet the results are always impactful – providing an inspiring glimpse at the wonders and tranquility of nature. But as any gardener will tell you, it’s not just about the plant but the container it’s planted in.

From traditional round containers in hues of terra cotta and browns, to modern, angular designs that look right at home in a museum of art. The consumer’s personal style will define a container choice – expanding the living room to outdoor living spaces. Will you have the right containers for these style conscious consumers?

Where to buy

The HC Companies understands the diversity of the gardener and has created a wide range of quality decorative growing containers to satisfy all consumer tastes. They are relevant with today’s design and color trends, while offering the flexibility of multiple size configurations to fit whatever space they’re gardening in. Our trusted and highly respected brand suite has been servicing the United States and Canada since 1986 – producing containers close to where your business does business. You deserve a partner who’s always on the quest to learn more and do more in order to help your business prosper. So why trust The HC Companies? Because we understand your unique challenges and continually strive to find you solutions, so from grower to gardener, we’re improving our world.

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