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Outdoor Hanging Baskets Are A Popular Choice for Urban Growers

Outdoor hanging baskets

Urban environments have long admired outdoor hanging baskets for their ability to add the bounties and beauties of nature in smaller dwelling spaces where planting in the ground is not an option. As the number of urban gardeners increases, outdoor hanging baskets are now an ideal planter for the professional grower to cultivate in and garden centers to stock at retail.


Traditionally, outdoor hanging baskets provide the perfect growing environment for overhanging or creeping flowers such as Impatiens and Million Bells, as well as decorative vines and ivy.


But today’s younger generation of gardeners has started utilizing small and large hanging baskets for plants that go beyond the traditional such as fruits and vegetables, herbs, and even succulents, as a practical and clever way to combat planting limitations in urban environments.


Hanging baskets have truly become the ultimate space-saving solution for urban gardeners. Garden centers and big-box stores should have a variety of examples in their inventory – both pre-assembled and ready for planting – as demand continues to increase.


For garden centers and big-box stores, hanging baskets are the perfect solution for pre-assembled arrangements. In addition, as more and more gardeners enter the market, pre-assembled hanging baskets are a popular choice for novices who struggle with pairing plants together aesthetically. 


Additionally, with limited time due to career pressures, extra-curricular activities, and frequent errands, pre-assembled outdoor hanging baskets provide an incredible convenience for homeowners as the soil, container, and flower selections have already been well thought out by a professional in advance.  


Here at The HC Companies, our outdoor hanging baskets are available in traditional and modern designs in a rainbow of colors to fit any design style. Matching hangers and saucers add a cohesive appearance, as well as overall utility and durability. Many also feature water-saving technology for the consumer’s convenience. For the environmentally-conscious grower, HC also features a full line of sustainable hanging baskets in many shapes and sizes.

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