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Nursery Pots Contain the Spirit of the Master Grower

Obstacles (and overcoming them) are a part of every business, of every industry. Even a company which manufactures nursery pots can, on occasion, experience technical difficulties which test the patience of the hard-working people on the floor.

But when your obstacles are often unpredictable and impossible to effectively plan for, the struggle becomes that much greater. For nursery growers, that struggle is real.

Nursery growers are a group of hardworking men and women producing many of the plants, flowers, shrubs and trees homeowners and communities adorn their properties with. They nurture seeds or clippings (inside greenhouses or outside in beds depending on the climate) before transplanting the new life into nursery pots for sale to customers across the country.

Their knowledge extends to both inside and outside nursery pots with a firm understanding of what to plant, when to plant and where to plant to produce the healthiest specimens for customers. From rakes and fertilizer to shovels and watering, they’re the true stewards of the garden – imparting their wisdom to those whose thumb is not quite green just yet.

While the profession certainly sounds ideal, producing something that’s living and breathing and will ultimately add value to the world we live in, it does have its share of obstacles.

Nursery growers face:

But even beyond those obstacles, they continually devote their lives to the plant and/or tree farms many call “home”.  They are dedicated to making sure they’re always on-call when the unpredictability of nursery growing rears its ugly head.

It’s that level of commitment and dedication which sadly is overlooked by a society who doesn’t quite understand all the nuances which come along with what they assume is simply “growing plants”.

Their perseverance, based on the continued variability of Mother Nature and the resulting obstacles, renders them true “master gardeners” and further solidifies their love and passion for their careers.

While the introduction of AI and other technologies in greenhouse and nursery production may one day help to alleviate the obstacles facing nursery growers, it’s important now that we show our appreciation to the loyal men and woman who help make our world bloom.

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