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Nursery Growing Containers

“If you wish to make anything grow, you must understand it, and understand it in a very real sense. ‘Green fingers’ are a fact, and a mystery only to the unpracticed. But green fingers are the extensions of a verdant heart.” – Russell Page

Product Portfolio

Here at HC, we’re proud to offer a complete line of nursery planting containers that are ideal for roses, shrubs, conifers, and trees. HC’s nursery planting containers include:


Manufactured exclusively from nearly 100% recycled materials, our nursery planting containers are available in various volumes, sizes, processing plastics, and thicknesses.

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Your First-Choice Container Provider

As the popularity of automated equipment increases, many of HC’s nursery planting containers feature durable rims and specific designs for container handling and pot dispensing equipment. Additionally, our in-house printing department produces containers for some of the top national branded container programs in the industry, or we’re happy to work with your design team to create a container that best represents your brand.

HC’s growing trays, flats, and sheets are available in a wide variety of cell configurations and capacities. They easily de-nest for soil filling and rooting in automated operations, are consistently formed for overall strength and durability, feature uniform drainage holes, and are carefully trimmed for accuracy.

With so many nursery planting containers to choose from in many shapes and sizes, HC’s your first-choice provider for horticultural nursery planting containers.

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HC also understands how every plant has unique watering needs, and our greenhouse planting containers offer a variety of drainage solutions. Whether your plant requires shallow, low-volume watering or thorough, deep root watering, HC has the proper drainage solution to fit your watering needs in a variety of volumes and configurations. From four drainage levels to flood floor and watermat compatibility and more, HC has designed its planting containers to satisfy the drainage demands of an evolving growing environment.

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Container Automation

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Standard Colors: Black only. Offset printing available on some containers.