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Large Pots Offer Homeowners and Businesses a Dramatic Look

It’s often difficult to find a manufacturer who produces large pots (in the 30-40-inch diameter range) for planting flowers and shrubs in backyards, front yards or throughout communities.

Oftentimes, the designs are far too simplistic, and many times dated, while offering a limited selection of colors for customers to choose from.

But beyond the size and style concerns, some manufacturers find it challenging to produce such a large pot with enough side-wall construction strength to handle potting soil, plantings and regular watering without challenging the overall side-wall rigidity of the container.

The HC Companies produces large pots for growing which have taken into account many of the issues mentioned above (style, size, strength). We are proud to offer such a versatile, high quality container to customers throughout North America built right here in the United States.

Our Terrazzo Round Pot comes in sizes as small as 17 inches to as large as 42 inches – in your choice of five fresh colors to satisfy a wide range of landscaping designs.

There are innumerous uses for large pots around the outside of your home and even throughout your community.

They provide a truly dramatic statement when flanking an entryway with a combination of topiaries and seasonal flowers for a truly classic appearance. Pairing them with smaller pots of varying colors and designs can also lend to a more artistic feel on the corners of patios or grouped within planting beds as a focal point.

Municipalities are perhaps the greatest fans of our large pots as they use them to line main streets and sporadically place them throughout parks and commons areas to add seasonal color and a huge wow factor for all those who see them.

Contact HC today to learn more about this adaptable pot. Find retailers where you can buy our pots here. Download our full line of retail products here.

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