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5 Best Holiday Plants and the Perfect Planters to Put Them In

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to start decking the halls with seasonal décor. Perfectly trimmed trees and glittery garland are a nice addition to any space, but often don’t last beyond New Year’s Day. Why not decorate with holiday plants potted in beautiful planters from The HC Companies?

We’ve compiled a list of the loveliest, hardiest and easiest to care for holiday plants to decorate your home. This wintery foliage is sure to add life to your space all season long, and beyond, with the right care. Potted in the perfect planters, holiday plants also make a unique and memorable gift.

Christmas Cactus
Bring a little color into any room with Christmas Cactus. These plants are easy to find and simple to care for, but there are a few things you need to know. Much different than their desert cactus cousins, these plants are native to the coastal mountains of Brazil and thrive in free draining, shady and somewhat moist conditions. Plant the cactus in a pot with sufficient drainage like our Classic Planter and don’t forget the matching saucer to catch the excess water. These plants like moist, humid conditions, so it’s best to wait to water until the top one to two inches of soil are dry. Christmas cactus thrive in indirect sunlight and can even be brought outside and hung in a shaded area when spring arrives.


This edible plant is the perfect gift for the home chef. During the holidays, this pine scented herb is often clipped into a mini Christmas tree shape. Placed in the kitchen, the trimmings can be used in savory recipes all year round. Rosemary is best planted in a self-watering planter like our Eclipse Planter with attached removable saucer. This will help keep the soil evenly moist, while helping to control under-watering. Rosemary plants like bright light. Place in a sunny south or west-facing window to help prevent dropping leaves.

Frosty Fern
A Frosty Fern potted in our Sierra Planter with self-watering disk, is a perfectly understated addition to any holiday décor. However, while stylish, this beauty is a bit of a diva and needs a little extra attention. This tiny plant with white tinged, fern-like leaves is actually not a fern at all but a type of spike moss which is important to know when caring for it. The Frosty Fern does best when placed in indirect sunlight. Keep away from windows as overexposure can cause wilting. Regular watering is vital for growth. During winter and fall, water only when the soil feels dry. In the warmer months, water at least once a week – twice if needed.

Norfolk Pine

If Santa lived in the South, he might place a Norfolk Pine in our Sedona Planter and decorate it for the holidays. The plant’s foliage is soft to the touch and its well-spaced branches leave plenty of room for twinkling lights and lightweight ornaments. However, don’t let the Norfolk Pine’s wintry name fool you. This pine is a tropical tree native to the South Pacific, which requires six to eight hours of medium-bright sunlight a day. It’s a low maintenance plant which does best indoors. Simply water well whenever the soil feels dry. The pine also prefers a moist atmosphere, so mist it often or place it on a humidity tray filled with pebbles and water.


Exotic Bromeliads are a modern addition to the classic holiday plant line-up. The Bromeliad’s festive, glossy, deep-green leaves are crowned with a single red bloom, which coordinates with typical holiday colors. This plant enjoys a humid growing environment and does well in a pot with proper drainage like our new Aria Planter with self-watering stem and removable drain plug. Place in bright, indirect sunlight and water frequently to maintain a moist soil environment and this plant will thrive all year round.

We hope these holiday plants add something special to your holidays and all year long.


Photo credit – Jillian Baughman

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