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Gardening Trends in 2022 That Benefit the Planet, Wildlife, and Lifestyles


Gardening trends continue to evolve post-pandemic, and there’s no arguing with gardening’s continued popularity given the statistics.

It’s been estimated that the pandemic created 18.3 million new gardeners – of which over 80% have remained active, with 55% of American households fully engaging in the activity.

But gardening trends are now expanding beyond simply beautifying one’s outdoor spaces or providing homeowners with an inexpensive and effective form of stress relief.

Below are three new gardening trends on which growers and garden centers now have an opportunity to capitalize while showing homeowners they’re mindful of current lifestyles.

The Return of The Birdbath

As more and more homeowners look to capture and harness the stress-relieving benefits of gardening in their own backyard, birdbaths are making a comeback to aid in that initiative. In fact, a new study reveals that watching birds from a window can actually lower stress and relieve mild depression and anxiety.

Birdbaths are water-filled basins that help support wildlife by enabling birds of all sizes to drink, bathe, and cool themselves during warm days. In addition, birdbaths provide another hardscape element to a home’s overall landscape design by providing color, visual interest, and moving water compliments of nature’s feathered friends.

There are many options on the market today, such as concrete, resin, and glass in varying sizes, which provide customers with choices that align with their overall design and space limitations.

The Office Moves Outdoors

Homeowners have spent a great deal of time, energy, and money creating beautiful outdoor spaces appealing to all the senses in unison. But as many individuals shift to full-time and even part-time remote work environments, outdoor offices are becoming a new reality.

2018 systematic review discovered that working outdoors in green spaces improved one’s attention, focus, and mood. So what does one need to create a functional and professional office outdoors? For those who’ve already created an outdoor living area, you’re most of the way there. A comfortable chair and table (or lap desk) are critical, as are extended range Wi-Fi and a nearby power outlet. The area should also be private, so you’re not getting interrupted by neighbors, and shade is a must to reduce the glare on laptop screens.

Gardening for Climate Change

A recent IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) report found that 93% of global respondents said the pandemic had influenced their views on sustainability. Additionally, 51% of global consumers said environmental sustainability is more important to them today than it was 12 months ago.

Fire-prone areas that often experience droughts are firescaping, which means fireproofing the landscape as much as possible with water-retaining plants and creating firebreaks with concrete paths and walls.

Areas with record rainfall are planting groundcover to help prevent erosion and water-loving plants to absorb excess moisture.

But the overall gardening trend regarding climate change is called low carbon gardening, which emphasizes locally produced materials, plants, and products to help reduce carbon emissions in transport.

Gardening trends continue to evolve with greater purpose and meaning than ever, and it’s essential to ensure your business will be ready to serve customers.

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