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The science community has made us all acutely aware that gardening provides countless physical and mental health benefits when practiced regularly. But gardening education seems to be what’s lacking in the process.

In an article posted on WebMD, Charlie Nardozzi, horticulturist at the National Gardening Association in South Burlington, Vermont says, “When you’re engrossed in what’s going on in your garden, you’re not so wrapped up in what happened during the rest of the day. Gardening offers you a way of creating a sanctuary, a place of ease”.

It’s that sanctuary, that place of ease, which has caught the attention of financially strapped Millennials, as well as adults in their early 40s, who long to escape the everyday burdens of reality without breaking the bank to do so.

But in a recent survey conducted by the Home Garden Panel of Metrolina Greenhouses, 68% of responders between the ages of 18-60 said they would start gardening more if they had better information on how to care for plants.

Gardening is supposed to be a stress-free experience. But for many would-be gardeners, it seems to only exacerbate their anxieties as “killing” plants weighed heavy on respondents’ minds.

As American author H. Jackson Brown, Jr. once said, “Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.”

Growers don’t often consider what happens to their crops after they head to garden centers or big-box stores. But the reality is that no one knows how to care for plants better than the hard-working individuals who grow them from seed. Here’s what you can do to help provide some gardening education.

Create a blog on your website or submit a guest blog to relevant gardening or planting container websites, providing easily digestible information for novices in need of a little gardening education.

Additionally, you should share these blogs on social media platforms where users are always on the lookout for gardening guidance.

Finally, hand-held technologies have enabled anyone to shoot a decent video for viewing and posting. There’s no better way to offer gardening education than with a short video showing the proper steps for planting, for dead heading an existing plant, for dividing and replanting or the best methods and products necessary to feed and nourish.

There’s no arguing that gardening provides countless physical and mental health benefits. But growers need to leverage their incredible knowledge to help would-be gardeners flourish.

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