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Cannabis containers are all about protecting the roots

Posted on: June 3rd, 2019

From sunlight and warmth, to water, humidity and nutrients – understanding the delicate balance needed for cannabis cultivation is what sets serious growers apart from the amateurs.

The most important thing to remember is that cannabis plants will never thrive without a safe, healthy root system. That means you need make sure you’ve chosen the right container.

Many growers turn to traditional plastic containers, which are economical and allow root systems to thrive with optimal access to water, oxygen and nutrients.

But one limitation cannot be overcome with traditional plastic containers – transplanting. But there is a solution and it’s called the Rapid Stack™ Grow Pot.

It’s the invention of Joel Oliver, a cannabis grower licensed under Health Canadas’ ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purpose) program.

“I have taken care of the growth and processing of thousands of plants over the years, and the idea came from having to do multiple transplants on a regular basis. But while doing so I was inadvertently causing root shock and damage of varying degrees,” says Oliver.

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“This was and is unavoidable with current transplanting methods, thus creating an inconsistency among my finishing times and yields per plant…not to mention it is a messy and tedious task.”

With few options, if any, on the market, Oliver’s temporary solution was to cut off the bottom of the starter pot so he could more efficiently stack them on larger containers filled with soil.

“After noticing how well the plants reacted, I decided to try combinations of sizes to see, if in fact, there were any negative results. To my delight I was greeted with a bounty of roots at every inspection performed through various stages. With the reduced acclimation period and faster processing time, it allows you to take the “human error” or chance of damage during the transplant process out of the equation all together.”

With the bottom of the pot removed, the roots naturally grow down and out to fill the new growing environment – saving time and creating a healthier root system. Oliver likens it to deep water culturing. “Once the container has been stacked, I think of it as deep soil culturing because of its similarities to deep water culturing (or hydroponics). But it’s much easier for maintenance and can be done indoors or out.”

This system also allows for tiered watering, which will undoubtedly make the plant’s roots stronger and healthier. Plus, you maintain the full volume of the new container as the starter container is minimally burrowing in the soil.

Oliver goes on to say, “These pots have not only saved me countless hours of messing around with dirt and plants but have allowed me to have better metrics so I can see true improvements from all other inputs such as light, temperature and nutrients. Now a bad transplant won’t reverse all of my hard work.”


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