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A Plant Support System Keeps Plants Looking Their Best

Plant Support System

A plant support system is often an afterthought but typically provides the backbone necessary for keeping plants looking their best at retail.

One of the most popular autumnal potted plants featured on front porches and in seasonal displays are Chrysanthemums (more commonly known as “mums”). When purchased already planted in decorative containers from your local garden center or big-box store, the large, plentiful blooms stand perfectly vertical, almost defying the appearance of their thin, fragile stems.

But as with most things in life, plants also benefit from a proper plant support system.

Support Rings and Cages

Plants with weighty flowers such as Chrysanthemums, Peony, and Dahlia often utilize plant support rings and cages that help brace heavy buds from falling over and breaking their delicate stems. Additionally, the rings and cages help to provide supplemental support in shipping, especially when plants are tightly grouped together.

Trellis Support Systems

A container trellis is also a great way to merchandise vining and crawling plants at retail. This vertical framework also helps to train plants to become accustomed to growing up against another object, such as a wall or fence, rather than crawling on the ground, which is often their natural tendency. Much like support rings and cages, a container trellis also helps prevent damage to the plant during shipping, as well as the worry and frustration of plants entangling with one another as they shift during transport.

A plant support system is virtually undetectable as they’re manufactured in earthy green or black tones, which perfectly coordinate with lower stems and foliage. They’re silently doing their job while providing that pleasing, artful appearance many consumers crave while shopping at garden centers and big-box stores.

Most importantly, a plant support system encourages more uniform and healthy growth of the plant, ensuring the plant will grow optimally for the duration of the growing season.

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