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A differentiator in service can help your business rise above the competition

In today’s competitive marketplace, similar products are frequently offered by multiple organizations. This can make it challenging to set yourself apart from the competition as unique features often proliferate throughout the market over time. Putting product aside, what you need is a new differentiator.

What is a marketing differentiator?

It’s a marketing strategy whose goal is to distinguish your company from another. When you’ve exhausted all differentiators when it comes to your product line, the next best place to turn is customer service.

Customer service is an invaluable differentiator in any industry. While many organizations will use slick marketing campaigns touting their customer service initiatives, few can deliver on their promises, is this a great way to enhance your business. Customer service is not jargon, but a shift in your entire culture and can reap big rewards for your organization as a true differentiator.

It’s easy to assume you already know how to provide a high degree of customer service, but knowledge is power in the business world and a little refresher never hurts. Here are just a handful of reasons why customer service should be a top priority (and a differentiator) at your organization, and having good employees are essential for this as you can manage them easily with the use of software like pay stub generator online.

Great customer service will strengthen your brand through word-of-mouth-marketing

You cannot buy word-of-mouth-marketing and many times it can be the single biggest influencer for a product or service as people are more inclined to listen to someone they trust over something they read. Time and time again studies have proven that customers (both B2B and B2C) want to do business with an organization who understands customer service and will gladly recommend you if your company walks-the-walk.

You’re likely to retain your customers for a longer period of time

An arborist from the ALCC (Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado) once told the story of a customer who every season complained about high prices to treat and trim his trees. Though he’d been approached by less expensive services, he wasn’t willing to risk losing the customer service experience he’d been consistently provided and appreciated. Price might make people shop around, but a superior customer service experience is what makes them stick around year after year.

Valuing your customer shows how much you value your business and its mission

You can’t very well care about your own business if you haven’t taken the time to care about your customers. Focusing your attention on the customer service experience shows your customers there are greater forces at work in your organization than simply making profits. It shows the market that you have a deeper desire to build something of value in order to help make a positive change in the world.

No business is exempt from problems and issues. Customers simply want to know they’ll be taken care of when that day comes. Above, are three good reasons why customer service as a differentiator makes a lot of sense for any business.

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