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2022 Color of the Year Brings an Empowering Feeling of Newness


Pantone – the leader in color matching – has revealed their 2022 Color of the Year. 


Rather than simply choosing a color from their vast array, the company decided to manufacture an entirely new color for the first time.


The 2022 Color of the Year is called Very Peri – a combination of the steady tranquility often representative of blue, combined with an energized infusion of red.


In a video call with CNN, the Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman said, “It was really important for us to come up with a new color because we have a very new vision of the world now.” 


Eiseman went on to say, “It is literally the happiest and the warmest of all the blue hues. Because of that red undertone, it introduces an empowering feeling of newness, and newness is what we’re looking for.”


Last year, Pantone did something completely different by choosing two colors for Color of the Year – Ultimate Gray and Vibrant Yellow Illuminating – which were meant to inspire hope and positivity as we reset, renew, and reimagine a life after the pandemic.


Pantone’s Vice President Laurie Pressman was also on the call and added, “We’ve gone through so many challenges over this time, we don’t know what’s going to pop up from one day to the next. It’s curiosity that’s helping people to get through these difficult times. What we would call courageous creativity.”


In a post titled Psychology: The Power of Color In Marketing, it was said that “Color is one of the most powerful subconscious motivators. We have recognized the power of color to move and affect us since our earliest civilizations. As our access to colors developed and our mastery of them through artwork has grown, so has the sophistication of our associations with them. Some primal color associations remain and are deeply powerful, while others are relatively new and exciting.”


Very Peri – Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year – could “very” well have the power to move us as a new calendar year begins. Eiseman concludes, “The color symbolizes the future. (It) has that sprightly, joyous attitude that we’re talking about, that carefree confidence and creative spirit.”


Look for Very Peri to infiltrate the world of design in fashion, paint colors, furnishings, flowers, and home décor in 2022.


For more on Pantone, visit their website.

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